First Season Superbowl and Most Fun game played.

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First Season Superbowl and Most Fun game played.

First off, let me preface this summary by letting you know I hope you get to experience a Super Bowl for yourself, because it is truely awesome. Upon starting the game, it definately has a different feel to the game than any of the regular games in the season. The pregame intro to the game makes you feel like something big is happening. They take you into the locker room and show the guys getting ready for the game, before putting you in a first-person camera view of running out on the field with your team through the tunnel. The crowd was loud and never quit the whole game.

I was set to face the 49ers, and my first thought was "Oh, great... I am the Buffalo Bills and I am playing the 49ers. My team sucks in Super Bowls and this team historically is stellar." My initial thoughts were accurate. Alex Smith was on point this game, starting out 6-6 passing, and distributed the ball evenly to his receivers. His favorite target was Vernon Davis, who tourched me on the second pass play for a 43 yard corner route for the first score of the game. I also had a very hard time stopping Frank Gore. Running the ball. YES. The CPU ran the ball. He had 23 carries for 104 yards. Sure, you might say "Well all he needs is one good run and those stats can look better than what they are." But that my friend, is where you are dead wrong. It's more wrong than kissing your sister. He had ZERO runs over 20+ yards. POUND. POUND. POUND. Glympses of Alex Smith going into robo QB mode. He finished with a QB rating over 100 with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. They killed me in first downs. They had SIXTEEN of them, compared to my eleven. Nine of their first downs came from 3rd down conversions. I don't even want to talk about time of possession. SF- 28:40 BUF- 11:20

My team struggled, and I blame the 49ers D. I had the hardest time running the ball. I had 16 carries for 92 yards. "Hey man, that's good!" No. I had a 53 yard run. Take that away I had 15 carries for 39 yards, a dismall 2.6 average. Vince Young also had a rough outting, throwing 4 interceptions.

Looking back on the game... I don't know how I won. I felt they dominated me in every aspect of the game. Big players make big plays in big games, I suppose. I scored 10 points in the 4th quarter that propelled me to a 24-23 victory. After throwing 3 INTs in the game on the same fade route, it eventually paid off in the 4th quarter when Brad Smith took the fade 88 yards for a score. He would eventually be named Super Bowl MVP. The lead was finally taken with 1:13 left in the game, and the Niners ended up turning it over on downs. If it were up to me, I would have given it to all 11 of my defensive players, for their red zone defense. In the 2nd quarter, the Niners were stopped on the 1 yard line, First and Goal. Stuffed at the half yard line. Stuffed again. Incomplete pass. Field goal. If things played out differently on that one series, the outcome of the game could have been much different.

The post game was pretty much awesome too. Players going crazy. I am stoked running around with my headset on, too excited apparently to remember that I didn't need it anymore. Then came the scariest part of the whole game. Coach, let's follow you around with the camera as you storm the field. Then it hit me. I am running on the field to go shake hands with none other than Jim Harbaugh, who is infamous for his violent hand shakes. "I am about to die," I think to myself. Luckily, Jim took compassion on me on my big day, and a nice firm hand shake and a message whispered into my headset-covered ears. "What was said?!", you ask yourself. To be honest, I am not even sure either. I was still wearing my headset.

The trophey was then presented by Super Bowl XXXIII MVP John Elway, wearing his Hall of Fame jacket. (Side note: I think the guys over at EA believe Mitt Romney will win this years presidentail election, due to the fact he was not there to congradulate the team.) The players all wanted to touch the trophey before it was given to me. I took it in my proudest moment, only to be shocked seconds later. It cuts over C.J. Spiller talking closely to former Bills player Donte Whitner, who was on the Bills in 2010 during Spillers rookie year. I imagine it was hard to see his former team take the championship away from him, and Spiller was there to cheer him up. I am not sure if this was intentional, but in my heart it was.

In all, this was probably the best game I have played in my Madden career. And I hope there are many more to come.
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