What defensive plays are your favorite?

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Re: What defensive plays are your favorite?

Originally Posted by RebelT
No question. I'm not saying there are huge differences, but each playbook will have minor differences in formations. There may be some that are the same, but there are definitely some that are very much different.
Ok just to clarify, you're saying the plays in each FORMATION are always the same (i.e. Dime will have the same plays regardless of the team) but for each SCHEME (4-3, 3-4, 4-2-5, etc), the formations that are available within the playbook can vary by team, correct? In other words (made up example), lets say Texas and OU each use a 4-3 pb. Texas may have a "NICKEL 1-5-5" package in their playbook, while OU may have a "NICKEL 2-4-5". That's what you're saying, rt?

Because I'm actually almost positive that's not true...do you know any specific examples? I checked 3 diff 4-3 pb's (a&m, syr, and ) and they all had identical formations/packages:

Over Plus
Dime - Normal
Dollar - 3-2-6
Both Goal Lines
3 deep

If anyone has seen any other 4-3 pb with anything diff than this, plz share...

Also on the settings for the game, if you go edit audibles, you change the the offensive audibles by team, but D by formation. So it wouldn't make sense for teams to have variations, b/c say you choose play ABC out of Nickel 3-3-5 formation as an audible for the 4-3 pb, but you play as a team that doesn't have Nickel 335 in their 4-3 pb...I just think EA was lazy with this (which I assumed until you said otherwise lol)

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Re: What defensive plays are your favorite?

3-3-5 is good

3 Dline
3 LB's
3 CB's
2 Safeties

May be vulnerable against the run, but this is great if you have speedy defensive cards. This might be the best defense against the pass, as it has 5 defensive backs.

I like to run Cover 3 from any 3-3-5 Formation and user the middle.
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Re: What defensive plays are your favorite?

I revived this thread since I was having a little issue. Ok...a big issue. I'm new to the game so I'm still playing some of the Conference and Impossible Challenges OFF line. I am 11-12 ON line. OFF line I get burned by the passing game but do OK against the run. However against real opponents its vice versa . I do ok against the medium & deep pass and struggle against the run quick pass.

I have a few decent players on D but don't know who to start:

99 Brooks, 97 Jones, 97 Kuech, 96 Maluaga, 94 Cushing at LBs.
96 Taylor (who's been my best defender by far), 97 Berry, 96 Barron and 96 R. Williams.
97 Pet Pete, 97 Deion, 97 Law, 96, Bailey, 96 Buckley at CB.

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