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Phase 2

Phase 2

Phase 1 has went really well so far. No cards lost and only a few remaining to giveaway. Thanks for everybody's help.

I will do phase 2 a little different - everybody can request as many cards as they want. No limits. I'll try to spread the weath the best I can to give everybody a similar shake with a few new guys getting a larger volume of cards. Any duplicate requests that can't easily be decided will be done with a randon number generator.

I will conclude the giveaway on Friday night at 6 pm eastern. I will not promise or giveaway anything until after that point. This gives everybody a chance to get their requests in.

If you don't mind - drop a short line about why you want a player. That way I know if I can make a substitution and still keep you happy or if you are looking for just a particular team or conference.

QB's - LL Phillip Rivers - 98,LL Drew Brees-98, LL Chase Keenum - 97, LL Russell Wilson (x2) - 98, TC Aaron Rodgers - 97, Rookie Aaron Rodgers - 92, Rookie Jay Cutler - 93, Fantasy T Lewis - 91

HB's - LL Darren Sproles - 97, LL CJ Spiller - 97, LL Garrison Hearst - 99, TC Hershall Walker - 99, Rookie Marshawn Lynch - 96, LL Montae Ball - 98, Rookie CJ Spiller - 93, Rookie Chris Johnson - 91, LL Adrian Peterson - 98, LL Kevin Smith - 98, Rookie Steven Jackson - 95, Fantasy Michael Bush - 95, LL Willis McGahee, GOTW Lamichael James - 95, Most Feared Bo Jackson - 92

FB's - TC Peyton Hillis - 97, William Floyd - 96

WR's - LL Ryan Broyles - 99, CV Desmond Howard - 99, CV Larry Fitzgerald - 99, CV Michael Crabtree - 99, LL Jacoby Ford - 95, GOTW Peter Warrick - 97, LL Santana Moss - 97, GOTW Dez Byrant - 96, LL Roddy White, GOTW Terrance Williams - 96, Rookie Santino Holmes - 93, Rookie Dez Bryant - 92, LL Jerome Kerley - 96, Fantasy DeAndre Hopkins - 94

TE's - TC Marcedes Lewis - 98, Fantasy Martecillus Bennett - 96, Fantasy Dewayne Allen - 94, Fantasy Coby Fleener - 95

OL's - Rookie DJ Fluker - 93, Fantasy Peter Konz - 98, Fantasy Eric Wood - 94, Rookie Trent Williams - 94, Fantasy Jah Reid - 93, Rookie Riley Reiff -91

DT's - Rookie Luis Castillo - 90, Elite Casey Hampton - 96, Elite Warren Sapp - 96, Fantasy Jurrell Casey - 93

DE's - TC Reggie White - 99, LL Whitney Mercilus - 98, LL Jerry Hughes - 97, Rookie Chris Long - 96, LL Daquan Bowers - 98, LL George Selvie - 98, Rookie JJ Watt - 95, Rookie Bruce Irvin - 91, Rookie Nick Perry - 90

LB's - Fantasy Vince Rey - 98, LL Sean Weatherspoon - 97, TC Greg Jones - 97, LL Sammy Brown - 96, LL Carmen Messina - 97, Rookie Jarvis Jones - 95, Elite Marvin Jones - 97, Elite Derrick Brooks - 97, Rookie Dan Morgan - 97, Fantasy Akeem Ayers - 93

CB's - LL Aquid Talib - 97, GOTW Antoine Winfield - 94, Rookie Joe Haden - 93, Rookie Antrel Rolle - 93, GOTW Maurice Clairborne - 95, LL Jayron Hosley - 95

FS's - Rookie Laron Landry - 90, LL Ed Reed - 98

SS's - Fantasy Patrick Chung - 95, TC Troy Pomalu - 97

K - Gold Janikowski - 94

Note there will be a phase three. It'll contain the last of the MVP collections that I'm doing (Mangold, Boulware, Lewis, Janikowski & hopefully Lewis) plus anything I can pull from a pack.

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Re: Phase 2

I just need a Left Guard, Center,Right Guard, and Right tackle and a Tight end because all of my offensive lineman are silver besides my left tackle(Gold Luke Joeckel) and whenever I play games my offensive lineman are constantly getting beat by defensive lineman

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Re: Phase 2

Id love LL Jacoby Ford. If you could pull that off, that would be much appreciated.

Going to talk to a friend, I'm sure he will take whatever is left over.

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Re: Phase 2

Haha just logged on to see this.

Here's an explanation for all my requests...I'm making a team full of LL, fantasy, HH, and rookies called "others" as they weren't available at the beginning of game. Everything I have listed will be starters in my new team.

QB-LL Russ
WR-LL Santana moss, LL roddy white
OL-Fantasy Konz
DE-LL Mercilus, LL Bowers, LL Selvie, rookie Chris long
CB-LL Talib, rookie Haden
FS-LL Reed
SS-Fantasy Chung

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Re: Phase 2

I don't need any of these guys, but I must at that is a very impressive list of players.
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Re: Phase 2

I hate to even post here bc I think I made out about as good as anyone in phase one.

LL Deion has averaged more than one int per game if I don't count the games where people quit in the 1st quarter. He's also had at least 4 ints returned for touchdowns. Just now he had a sweet one-handed int he returned 60 yards for a TD. The guy quit and sent me a message saying simply "amazing". LOL.

And fantasy Warwick Dunn is completely awesome.

I'm still using LL Rivers as my QB, as U know I like pocket passers. BUT I'd like to give Brees a shot just to compare if I can.

Then I'd request a TE, either Lewis or Bennett. I've got 96 Clark and 93 Winslow now.

But like I said phase one was pretty good to me, so it's all good if u help someone else out (but Bree's probably isn't in high demand.)

Thanks again!
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Re: Phase 2

I'd love a few "florida boyz" like Sapp, Brooks, Selvie, ed Reed, Haden and maybe a good mobile QB like dangeRuss (Wilson) and I could def use a good top WR as mine are all silver and more or less suck! lol

Like we talked before though anything helps as my team isn't very good or deep atm.

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Re: Phase 2

i didnt get anything in phase 1 and a lot of thee guys were so im not trying to be greedy if i ask for too much

CV Desmond- i do not have many very good receivers as my best is a 96
Tc Polamalu- My safeties are both low golds.
LL Ed reed- my safeties are both low golds.
LL talib- my cbs are also golds.
Elite Derrick Brooks- really need to beef up lb's.
CV Crabtee- same reason as desmond
LL russ wilson- really like him as a player and havent ever seen the card up on the auction.
LL Adrian Peterson- im really looking for a mix of power and speed.
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