So... Here's my solution to the QB Sim Glitch...

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Re: So... Here's my solution to the QB Sim Glitch...

not a bad idea..
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Re: So... Here's my solution to the QB Sim Glitch...

Originally Posted by DirtyDozen
Yes, I've been playing with 9 minute quarters in order to keep the stats somewhat realistic - but it does take about 75 minutes to play a game, which makes seasons take a while to complete. That's the biggest drawback for sure. I suppose I could have one Dynasty going with 5 minute quarters to get through seasons more quickly and one with 9 minute quarters for realistic stats...

Edit: BTW, I agree that EA should include the option to set the sim quarter length. I don't understand why they don't.
I've been saying that for a while. They've had sim length in the bball games for years, so why not football?

If not that, then at least give me an in-game save for NCAA like they have on Madden. I like realistic stats for my dynasties, but as you said, you have to make the games 1-2 hours long to get realistic stats, and I don't always have that much time to complete a game in one sitting. This is where the in-game save would come in handy. Then I could just come back and finish the game later. As it is, I have to leave the PS2 on if I want to finish my game later, and I hate doing that.

Plus, as you said, it takes forever to complete a season, which is why I end up simming half the games just so I can move on to the next season. I'd love to be able to play every game and still finish a season in a decent amount of time, but as it is right now, that's not possible. I'm either sacrificing time or realism, and I prefer realism. Guess I'm just goofy like that...
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Re: So... Here's my solution to the QB Sim Glitch...

You know, thinking about this more, I think this year I'm just going to go with my plan B: play short five minute quarters and forget about stats and awards. I think I will enjoy it more that way. EA should really consider puting in adjustable sim quarter length for next year's version...

Besides, one glitch I already found in the game (and posted in the Glitch thread stickied on these boards) has to do with the awards... I simmed one season with the Hokies to get a feel for the dynasty mode, and my RB was first team all-american, got invited to the Heisman Presentation as a finalist, and yet got SECOND TEAM ALL-ACC!!!!!!

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