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PS3 Users

I was getting tired of playing games with qb completion percentages at 70% and above for both teams and getting dominated by qbs that at rated in the low 70's. I was also tired of having shutdown corners like Vontae Davis and Malcom Jenkins not being able to cover anything.Every game i played was a shootout with the scores in the 40's for 7 min qtrs. So i decided to do a little project. The rosters that i did are based off heisman316 so thanks to him. I went through and lowered each qbs awareness rating 5-7 points except for players like Graham Harrell, Colt McCoy, Chase Daniel, Tim Tebow, Zach Robinson, etc, you get my drift except for the top qbs of college football. I also raised the awareness levels of the top shutdown corners and ball hawking safties so they would actually be able to make plays and shutdown people like they do in real life. I played a game with my rosters and a set of sliders (will post later) and i was in for a treat. I played with Alabama at Clemson and i had the most realistic game i have had ever playing on this game. The stats were as follows

Score 13(me)-10

JPW Rating-88.6 15-28 149 yds 1td 3 picks 53 %comp%
Glen Coffee 24 att 65 yards 2.7 avg long of 20 yards
leading WR Julio Jones 9 catches 91 yds

C. Harper Rating 98.9 19-29 163 yds 0tds 2 picks 65% comp%
CJ Spiller 10 att 28yards 2.8 avg 1td long of 9
James Davis 7 att 4 yds .5 avg long of 7
Leading WR Aaron Kelly 5 catches 50 yds

As you can see a very defensive game, huge slugfest which i loved becasue thats exactly how alabama plays.

The sliders i used are as follows based off of fistofrage from OS. i will just go in order that they appear when changing them in the game
heisman difficulty. 7 min qtrs
USER-- 40,20,35,50,70,75,100,50,50,50,0,0,50,65,50
CPU-- 40,20,30,40,80,100,100,30,50,50,0,0,50,65,50

If any ps3 user wants a new experience please try these and leave some feedback. The rosters are uploaded into ea locker and can be downloaded from the locker of Slaton10. Play a game with even teams with mid level qbs before you give feedback to how the qbs played and if you have a lockdown db report how he played. please post some stats.
This roster took a little time so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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Re: PS3 Users

umm looks interesting I may try them
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Re: PS3 Users

for these sliders to have an effect, do you have to use your rosters, or will any rosters do?
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Re: PS3 Users

i believe any rosters will do, but i like to use mine with the lowered qb awareness so that there is not any real bad qbs completing 70 % of passes. The good qbs like Harrell will still eat you alive and you just have to hope to contain them, but bad qbs are bad qbs now and they provide realistic stats for me. but to your question im pretty sure any rosters will do.. but i believe mine will get the best results.

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