Recruiting Q's [ Bowl Week(s) / Off-Season ]

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Recruiting Q's [ Bowl Week(s) / Off-Season ]

I am almost through my first season in my first dynasty. I have had some pretty good returns with my in-season phone calls and visits (6 hard commits for Michigan and 3 hard commits for Temple). But now it is almost bowl season and then the off-season - and I am looking for advice about what to expect ...

Will I still have my "regular" weeks during the bowl season? Or is there a "pause" in recruiting for a month and a half? I understand that I cannot have a recruit in for a campus visit - but will I still have my 10 hours of phone call time?

I have been looking for the "unwanted guys" for the last three weeks - the guys that have no offers or visits scheduled. I have had decent success at getting some of them interested in Michigan or Temple. Will this still be a good move? Will there be even more guys who "feel the clock ticking" who might be willing to come to Temple?

Any thoughts on what to think about during the off-season stage? I have read that I will have 5 weeks - and that I can do "in-home visits" instead of "on-campus visits". Will the players tell me when they are ready for an in-home visit? Can I do more than one in-home visit in the same week? Can I visit the same recruit in week2 and again in week3?

I also know that "promises" are an additional tool that I can use for recruiting during the off-season. But is this required? Will I only be able to get recruits to commit if I make promises? I would like to avoid making promises that may be difficult to keep. What are the available promises that I can make?

And then does the game go into the training / red-shirting / scheduling / etc cycle as before?

Thanks! The last NCAA title that I played was 2005 ... recruiting has changed a lot since then.
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Re: Recruiting Q's [ Bowl Week(s) / Off-Season ]

Things to look forward to.

No recruiting of any kind from the championship week (after week 15) until the bowl games are finished. You get 0hrs each week.

After the bowl games you will be offered different jobs, transfer conferences, etc.

You will then have to deal with graduations and people wanting to transfer away, nfl draft entry, etc. You can try and talk them out of going away (note: there is a bug in the online dynasty and this cannot happen in it), but the minutes spent here are taken out of the 10hrs you get for week 1 offseason recruiting.

You then see who wants to transfer into your school.

You then have 5 weeks (10hrs each) of offseason recruiting. It is here where you can make promises and schedule an in-house visit. The in house visits are handled the same exact way as an on campus visit (ie your recruiting board will tell you when they are ready, etc.). Promises are simply another added way to boost interest, however if you break them the recruit will be more inclined to transfer. You do not have to offer a recruit a promise if you do not want to.

After off season recruiting week 5 I typically save the dynasty as you cannot go back and see certain items on recruits in the next year (like their home state if you promise a game in their home state). You then advance to the training, etc. you discussed.

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