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Running the Option

Not that I'm complaining, but why do CPU contolled teams run the option with slow white qbs? It doesn't make any sense. The qbs seem to scramble a lot too. I'm in my Kentucky dynasty playing against Alabama and John Parker Wilson ran the option about 4 times in the 1st quarter and he's tried to scramble. It's a easy stop on defense but the strategy here doesn't make any sense. Has anybody else noticed this or is it just me?

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Re: Running the Option

other than the fact that its uglier then poop, i have never noticed this.....

but i really hope that they fix the option in 2010..... the pitch relationship is terrible... as is the pitch itself..

make it more realistic.... whenever i see an option run in real life i get exited, but its kind of hard to get exited when its put together wrong....
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Re: Running the Option

It's basically the programming of the game. Its the main thing that seperates the cpu from humans. The CPU can't fully adjust correctly to situations, so when the cpu "chooses" to run an option or even something like a QB draw the speed of the QB isn't considered.

Same reason the CPU runs the ball late in the 4th when its down by 2 or 3 scores.
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Re: Running the Option

The playcalling by the CPU is just a complete abomination. The lack of deep passes, the total failure to recognize which plays to pick based on the talent of the team. They said someone's job was just to watch every team and put every play they ran in the playbook, but apparently they make up all sorts of stuff, because lots of people run that shotgun zone read stuff that Oregon loves to run, and they do it with people who run about as fast as Peyton Manning with an inflamed bursa sac. It's partly that the play shouldn't be there in the first place, and partly that the AI's play selection is dreadful. Some of this is caused by the poorly done pass-run ration of each team, and the poorly done playcalling aggression. That can sort of be fixed a little by editing it all before you start a dynasty, but it's so time consuming, and it never fixes it totally, but it can be improved a little by editing that.
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Re: Running the Option

I think NCAA football is aimed towards online play. Therefore people who play the CPU are left in the dust since EA does not include any type of difficulty customization as far as complex sliders, coaching tendencies, player tendencies.....

Makes for a very dull game for the USER.
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