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Re: Goal Post

Kids are almost never in the path of danger from people rushing the field. Almost every school has a student section. Those are the people who rush the field, not 45 year olds.

How do I know that the NCAA faces no legal consequences? Case law. Yes, I am a law student. If you can point me to a case where a video game manufacturer was held liable for an act of real world violence, then I will concede the argument. Until then, it's simply not true.

As for "costly" lawsuits, a case would never go to trial. It would be thrown out before it ever saw the inside of a courtroom. Courts have simply shown no interest in nailing video game companies for real world violence. Thus, there wouldn't be anything "costly" about it.

Further, for it to be truly "costly," EA would have to lose. If they win, the other side most likely pays the court fees. Legal fees are not generally recoverable, but I am sure EA has a staff of lawyers on retainer if not their own in-house legal team.

There's simply no reason to keep from having posts torn down. It's an exciting part of college football and it needs to be in the game.
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Re: Goal Post

First, I wasn't referring to anyone specifically as a moron, just a generalization of dumb fans.

Second, there are definitely more people than just students that rush the field after a game. The fan in the Miami-Marshall controversy last year was some drunken 40 year old out there with his brother (of course, being from Toledo, you know how Marshall fans are ).

Finally, you simply won't see the goal posts in a game licensed by the NCAA. It's not part of the game because no one from any team ever participates in it. The NCAA will never allow any game it's associated with to utilize that, and I don't blame them. They're not going to be held liable, I agree, but they're also not going to do ANYTHING that might encourage fans to storm the field after a game. If things don't calm down, you'll have stadiums start putting up plexiglass like in NHL arenas to prevent fans from hopping over the wall. Bowling Green also had the right idea by coating the goal posts in Crisco before the MAC Championship game in case BG upset Miami.
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