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NCAA FOOTBALL 14 Scheme & Playbook for dynasty discussion

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Re: NCAA FOOTBALL 14 Scheme & Playbook for dynasty discussion

Definitely gonna have to do a Service Academy dynasty for the option. Probably Navy.
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Re: NCAA FOOTBALL 14 Scheme & Playbook for dynasty discussion

A No-Huddle Spread. I always been more of a run-1st type of a time of possession player. But, I want to switch it up. So, I will be more of a 65/35 passer. But, I will incorporate some read option in it.

Projected stats:
QB- 3300+ Pass Yards and 500+ Rush Yards.
RBs- Multiple RBs over 600+ Rush Yards and 300+ Receiving Yards.

So My QB will be my heart of my offense. I will be use a 2-RB rotation. My QB has to have Above average THA and at least 80 speed, but THP isnt a huge concern. I want my RBs to more of smaller Speed backs.
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Re: NCAA FOOTBALL 14 Scheme & Playbook for dynasty discussion

Im a fan of the power run. Hopefully it translates well into the game and hopefully the pitch/options is not over powering. Otherwise I may have to switch lol

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Re: NCAA FOOTBALL 14 Scheme & Playbook for dynasty discussion

Ideally, I would have liked to run a pro-style offense in the game. However there's still too many nagging issues on certain plays with the run-blocking, and since I absolutely suck at passing, I'll be running some sort of option based scheme. The spread options in the demo work really well for the most part. I'd rather run a scheme that works, than stick to my pro-style when it doesn't.

Whatever option scheme I go with, I want to spread the field with 2x2 4 wr sets, and use heavy wr motion for jet sweeps and triple options. I also want to utilize bubble screens and the like (the PA screens that Oregon uses feels REALLY good in the game). Having 4 wrs at the line allows me to always be a threat in the passing game on every down, that's something the wishbone/flexbone just can't provide to the same extent.

I originally wanted to run this out of the pistol to maintain a balanced formation, with downhill running threat without sacrificing QB depth. However, it feels so good running this scheme out of Oregon's shotgun spread offset formation that I'm having second thoughts. It has almost all of the types of plays I'm looking for (I LOVE the new shovel option). Hopefully there's more counters or PAs off of these WR motion plays in the customs playbooks that I can run to prevent defenses from run committing as soon as the WR goes in motion. The increased shotgun depth also gives me a little bit more time to make the pitch read, which for some reason I'm struggling with this year. When I get the game, I'll have to lab the pistol option game before I officially decide, but it'll be either pistol or shotgun.

I haven't played around with defense much at all in the demo, but it looks like the CPU option will be a lot harder to stop than previous years. To counter this, I'm going to try to recruit the fastest back seven with the highest play recognition I can, and not worry about much else. I haven't tried this before, but I imagine it'll be effective to snuff out the option, and pretty good in the passing game as well. I plan to recruit run-stuffing d-lineman and probably a balanced MLB to help in the run game. It's not like the d-line gets pressure on the QB anyway

I will use FIU, not necessarily because they best fit the scheme, but I put a lot of restrictions on myself for teams I can use in a dynasty. and FIU was the best team for the scheme remaining. I plan to be their OC and work my way up to HC at a big school. FIU has a good young dual-threat QB to build around, and a junior RB with 90+ speed and acceleration. Speed kills in the spread option game, and that's how I plan to recruit as well.
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Re: NCAA FOOTBALL 14 Scheme & Playbook for dynasty discussion

It's going to be difficult to resist running the spread option with whoever I play with; it's such an effective and fun offense to play with.

I'll definitely be doing a VT dynasty and I'll probably go with a TE heavy playbook. Lots of I-form, some Ace, and shotgun sets with TEs and Splitback. I'll run some read option but also focus on running the ball and the short passing game.

I'll also be doing a Marshall dynasty. They have a great young QB named Cato who has an arm and speed, so I'll probably try to spread out the field. I won't go whole hog on the option but again, some read option. Lots of 3/4 WR sets, lots of opening up the field so Cato can take off with it.

In my 'bad team' dynasty I'll probably take over a service school and convert them over to an Oregon like offense. I'll need to see who has the faster QB and RBs among them, although I'm hoping I can go with Air Force because I like their uniforms. But yeah, shovel options, short passing, screens, the works.
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Before deciding on a defensive playbook I'd need to see what the 3-4 multiple and 4-3 multiple have to offer. As I'm using one of those for Rutgers.

On offense my pro spread hybrid will be more awesome this year with the tweaks to spread blocking and such. Of course Rutgers O will be the base and I'll grab spread plays to replace and add to the playbook.

Of course Rutgers qbs suck so I'm immediately recruiting some mobile QBs for this offense.

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Re: NCAA FOOTBALL 14 Scheme & Playbook for dynasty discussion

I have always ran a spread option offense, similar to what was ran by Rich Rodriguez at WVU with Pat White & Steve Slaton back in the day, so hopefully the improvements will just make my offense that much more effective.

I of course like to have speed at the QB postion, I also like to have a couple fast HBs so that I can rotate them and even use them in some formations together. I also rely on having a speedy man in the slot. Basically my offense is built for speed, speed, and more speed. I run a lot of read option, designed QB keepers, Jet Sweeps, and a lot of my passes are screens. But I mix it up with the playcalling, and the PA pass can be deadly when used at the right time with this offense.
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Re: NCAA FOOTBALL 14 Scheme & Playbook for dynasty discussion

I'm going to do my best to emulate the skee-gun offense. Imagine the Flexbone out of the Pistol. Your halfback is a bruiser and your slots are speedbacks.

I'll probably have 2-5 formations (Pistol/Shotgun Spread, Pistol/Shotgun Trips, Wildcat Spread). Lots of motion. Triple Option. RNS Passing. Hurry up offense and then just audible into the type of play that the defense is willing to give up.

If they have motion/option/RNS plays in those formations, it's going to be really fun.
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