What speed is everyone using for coach level?

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Re: What speed is everyone using for coach level?

Originally Posted by denardsonthecover
Wow... I'm not even trying to be funny but I would legit not have bought this game if I knew I were forced into coaching contracts.

I don't even PLAY the games. I just recruit and then watch/listen to the cpu vs. cpu games while I do paperwork for my business.

What am I going to do now when I have no way of ensuring the players that I'M NOT CONTROLLING don't hit the goals set?

I'm not one of those screw you EA types...

But if I'm constantly subject to coaching carousel goals this game may not make it a week with me. I'll give it a chance.

But I kept the receipt when I bought it. Or more accurately I can still get the receipt out of the trashcan it's close to the top.

This one might be going back.

SMH what kind of idiocy is it to take out features that were in the game and aren't taking up tons of RAM or whatever? How does the carousel being off kill the game? How does killing the option improve the game?

It goes beyond EA because I basically only play NCAA and a few other titles. I buy maybe 3 games a year and use the XBOX to run Netflix for the kids.

I may skip out on the next gen of machines altogether if the few games that matter to me are going to suck more and more. I can run Netflix on my 360.
I hear ya. It does truly pain me that the coaching contracts cannot be turn off. I remained with PS2 versions until '12 because it was so important to me. I don't like being forced into goals, especially since I play with Alabama, and the expectations/goals are so high. This is a game, let me continue to play with the team of my choosing, my favorite program, even if I have a rough spell and have a few mediocre seasons.

With that being said, and against my long standing philosophy, I do plan to try and press forward with 14, even with having to deal with contracts. Bama starts as coach contract of 5 years, and a 12 win goal. I'm sitting at 10-1 going into my final regular season game. I have no idea what's gonna happen or how fast I may be ousted if I don't meet the goals. (because I've never played under the rule of contracts on before)

As far as why EA dropped this feature, I'm not sure but I know with contracts off in '13, Coach prestige and stability did not function. After winning a National Championship after a few years, I was still like a D rated coach. But I could live with that no problem. A winning program has no difficulties hauling in the #1 class, even on Heisman recruiting in '13. I am guessing that the new coaching system, having the new experience points and progressions system, could not jive with not having contracts on, or they didn't have or want to put in the design time to make them co-exist.
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