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Re: Why...?

Originally Posted by BigMoneyAllDay
Okay sorry to the moderator staff, it's just that for any other site I've been on the mods get some form of compensation. And it's really not this thread just this dude always is yelling at someone. I've never seen a post where he enjoys the game. Just my :2cents: .
Hah, yelling? It's a terrible thread that, all together, just says "lol EA sux derp". Also, check my post history, since you seem to know that I "don't enjoy the game". I do, I've been very active talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's not coming at someone for disliking a game, it's just that there are at the least, two threads talking about defense. I haven't seen the Oline double team issues, to be honest. But really, there are countless, more informative threads that are more constructive than this

Just my couple of cents.

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Re: Why...?

This can all go in the impressions thread.
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