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The Creeping Terror

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Mr. Brightside
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Re: The Creeping Terror

Good stuff Mark.

Blind to this impending fate
We let the world carry our weight
It's back breaks with every mile
But we all live in denial
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Re: The Creeping Terror

Originally Posted by SoMiss2000
It's not hard to stay away. Just don't look. I still haven't looked at the MVP 2005 bugs sticky.
yeah, even as a mod i stay from bug threads if i can...just don't want to know if I don't see it...ignorance is bliss sometimes
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Re: The Creeping Terror

[quote=So I sit in terror, knowing there's a "GAMEKILLAH!!!!" lurking in my closet[/QUOTE]

Bugs are a fact of life...especially with software that is released on an ongoing yearly cycle. And it's not the fault of game testers, associate producers, or's the reality of the schedule.

There has only been one sports game that I actually stopped playing because of a bug: The first PS2 version of High Heat Baseball, where the Saves stat was broken. (It was a pretty poor excuse for a Hight Heat game as well, but I digress.) Statistics are part of the fun of franchise/season sports gaming and if they are blatantly not working, then I won't play. And by blatant, I mean, I actually have to be fully aware of them. I know I've played games where the stats weren't perfect; but something like not crediting saves is a "gamekillah."

My point is, a review doesn't need to document bugs...and "gamekillah" is very subjective. Be honest, objective and thorough. Let the bug hunting wonks spend their time with the petty details of whether or not the Big House is lit properly in the 3rd quarter of a game in November that started at 3p EST.

(BTW: When I say objective, I mean treat each game on its' own merits and not on who is publishing it. Suck ups and haters are the scourge of the industry.)

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