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Re: Torino 2006 Review (Xbox)

This game is a straight disrespect to the 2ksports serious. And who in the world did 49games think would buy such boo boo....Not even having real people to compete against...
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Re: Torino 2006 Review (Xbox)

yah this is 2k's worse attempt at a game ever. I mean i was expecting a much more awesome game from a company that does friggin amazing baseball,basketball and hockey games and when they could football. But this torino 2006 was a disappointment. I got it on the pc and it's just not fun at all. Why they didn't add snowboarding or curling or hockey beats me. If they consider doing one for The vancouver 2010 Winter olympics they better make it amazing or hopefully one company makes a amazing one.
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Re: Torino 2006 Review (Xbox)

Originally Posted by mgoblue
Curling was on a PSone game for Nagano in '98...not sure if you can really find it easily....I'd also buy this if it had curling, sounds stupid but I enjoy the sport. I'm actually gonna take a course over 5 nights at the Detroit Curling Club in March, the tactics/physics of the sport are pretty cool, tho I've been watching on Canadian TV since I was like 8
Watchin curling is kind of like watching golf. You have to give it time and then it just grows on you. It has a lot of strategy and you have to like any sport where the participants are drinking beers between turns

Have fun............
Basketball made me the man I am today; Arthritic and Bitter...

What I think I think:
Y'know, I've never played less NBA 2K than I did with NBA 2K12
Sports VG titles were REALLY disappointing in 2011-12
Thank Heaven for ME3 and Arkham City -- saved my winter
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