NHL 2K7 Movie Clip and Screenshots (360)

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NHL 2K7 Movie Clip and Screenshots (360)

We have just posted some screenshots from NHL 2K7, as well as some movie clips.
"The legacy lives on! NHL® 2K7 reigns supreme as the category leader in innovation, design and critical acclaim with 4 straight years as the #1 rated* NHL video game. 2K7 marks a 2nd year of next-generation domination with a groundbreaking presentation system and all-new controls, delivering yet another year of truly immersive and authentic NHL action."

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Re: NHL 2K7 Movie Clip and Screenshots (360)

so it looks like, from the trailor, that joe thornton is the new cover boy/ spokesman for the game of course, the year after he gets traded, he FINALLY gets a cover. do these companies know how long ive waited for a BRUIN to be on the cover of a game!!!!! this is depressing. i am surprised that crosby wont be a cover boy seieng as EA is Ovechkin. maybe next year.
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Old 06-23-2006, 04:56 PM   #3
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Re: NHL 2K7 Movie Clip and Screenshots (360)

did i miss something though? I played hockey for almost 20 years and i never remember seeing my own breath when playing indoors in an arena....

why then do i see the breath of a player playing in front of a packed audience indoors????????
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Re: NHL 2K7 Movie Clip and Screenshots (360)

This game, visually, is not looking impressive. Then again, neither are any next-gen hockey games for the most part. I don't know if hockey is harder to replicate realism or something, but it's just not showing me anything.

Then again, I can take NHL FaceOff '99 and their graphics and still have a good time playing. It's all about the gameplay for hockey for me.
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Re: NHL 2K7 Movie Clip and Screenshots (360)

From a casual fan, it doesn't look that bad. The breath seemed realistic enough within the situation. I'm curious. So there's no breath seen in an ice arena? It's not that cold in there or something? Keirik, I know that you have a lot more knowledge about the sport but I can't see how there can't be at least one breath sometime within that arena. Is this an early build also? I didn't check out the older games and haven't play hockey since NES, or SNES. Forget which one. It looks good. Of course, putting it into perspective like the NBA franchise, they're probably just trying to find themselves. I liked what I saw.......
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Re: NHL 2K7 Movie Clip and Screenshots (360)

I have bought this game for the last 4 or 5 years, and was upset with it last year, it didn't feel like an overall great game, and I am hoping they are going to turn it around this year. I am looking for a quality great game, that will continue to impress and I will be able to get through a season. I was just wondering, all the websites are saying January 1, 2007 for a release date, is that true?
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Re: NHL 2K7 Movie Clip and Screenshots (360)

ya joe looks pretty crappy in that video. the animations look the same, not that great. the backhand goal was terrible looking. the shots in 2k hockey never look that good though. and the wraparound goal looked worse than last years. im not bashing the game, i LOVE the 2k hockey series and i dont think i ever played a video game more than NHL 2k6. i just want a better quality game than last years.
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Re: NHL 2K7 Movie Clip and Screenshots (360)

This looks pretty much like this year's game. To be honest I'm not sure why people even think this is the top hockey game over EA's NHL. I bought NHL 2k6 and NHL '06 this year, and NHL '06 was the more impressive game. It's looking like this fall NHL '07 will be the more impressive one.

2k always seems to have a bunch of nice features, and that's looking true for 2k7. But I'm just tired of playing a 2k sports game and waiting for some goofy bug to show up, or have it just freeze or kill a franchise file. It doesn't really matter what they add to 2k7, if the goalies are going to skate to the far boards for no particular reason, players not showing up to the faceoff circle, and defenseman who just freeze in the neutral zone, the game is pointless. Oh, I didn't even mention the moronic penalty shot AI. If 2k7 actually fixes these and other issues with the game, it could be something special. But I don't see that happening.

NHL '06 was a pretty solid game. A little fast yes, but overall played a much better game. This problems with NHL '06 weren't even CLOSE to 2k6. I'm expecting the same thing this year.

I'd LOVE to be wrong. But I don't think I am.

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