Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

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Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

Have any questions for the Producers of Major League Baseball 2K7? If so, post them here and we'll get the answers as soon as possible.

Steve Noah
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

deleted post
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

1). Are the outfielders arm strength toned down this year?
2). Will the jersey movement be toned down from the vids we have seen so far?
3). How many different camera angles are there in the game?
4). Online, can you pitch from the behind the pitchers view?
Thank you!
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

wow i have been waiting for this opportunity forever! So I have a couple of questions that I hope will be answered:

1. The swing animations when no contact is made look incredible. However, from what I have noted in some of the gameplay videos around is that when contact is made, the hitter goes to a pre-set motion. To me, it looks as if there is no follow-through. Is it just the lack the animation I have seen with the limited amount of gameplay available to the public? Or is that how ever swing looks?

2. What new presentation features have been added? Anything particularly rewarding once a player has won a W.S.?

3. Are you guys looking into added a 'carrer mode' type of system in the future years, if it already isn't included in this one?

Thanks again for taking the question from me, as well as the rest of the people who are waiting anxiously for this game.

-Daoud S.
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

1. In the videos I notice wind ruffling the players jersey, will that happen all game continuously or will the wind die down and pick back up?

2. What type of crowd reaction can we expect?

3. Any different features between the PS3 version and the 360 version?

4. How many sliders will there be for cpu pitching? Will we see cpu pitchers throwing alot of pitches per inning?

Thanks for your time.
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

have you fixed new busch stadium taking out the halo around the pitchers mound?
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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

Yes, please ask them if they added the following:

1) "Out-of Town scores update ticker or a out of town scoreboard this year. They took out the ticker from 2k5. I missed that feature! even though it wasn't well implemeted..ESPN 2k4 was better.

2) Also, if they added highlights of important games from other teams every three innings or so. That would be cool.

3) All minor league teams that we can play, like MVP and MLB!...A, AA AAA....This was the only game that didn't have it.

I thinks that's it for now!.

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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Interview Questions

Will the rosters expand to 40 man after September 1st?
Will there be regular roster updates and will they be accurate?
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