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Its great when you execute and feels good to but there`s a fine line between realistic execution and fiction execution. Realistic exacution- when you play hard and you`re team is on top of their game usually resulting in a 20+ point win or if you`re playing a tough team realistic execution would be stick- ing with em either winning or losing or you could beat em by 3 touchdowns.
fiction exacution- Blowing out every team like there nothing. Now which one is more fun? I only come across a close game every now and then and there a blast! I want to feel like I really earned a win. Now I`m not saying make it super hard but hard enough for me to come out and win by a touchdown every so often, make blowouts every so often and, huge blowouts every so often.
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Originally Posted by PioneerRaptor
I disagree with you opinion here, though I respect your choice. In my eyes, what's the challenge in using say, Utah State to beat USC if the game is going to scale it to make it easier?

There's no satisfaction to myself, if I didn't have to try my very best to win. I want to beat USC with Utah State, not because the AI helped me, but because I was skilled and smart enough to do it.

Not to mention, I like to use low-ranking teams in Dynasty and have the challenge of making that low-ranking team into a high-ranking team. I very much enjoy losing 4-5 games one year, a few less the next, and eventually making my team good enough to go undefeated and win the BCS bowl. And I did all of that with my own abilities, not the AI helping me.
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Re: A Fresh Look at Realism

I agree totally, but I want to take it even a step further. In most years I know I can win it all in a couple years. However, now I turn up the difficulty so much that if I need a very very good team to win it all. I want it to be like college, where, to be honest... sometimes it's luck and how your team plays that week more than anything. 12 games isn't enough time to really know which team is the best. You can have an indication, but like baseball or basketball, teams get hot, have good and bad games, etc.

What I'm saying now is that I want a real challenge where even if I play my game, there's a good chance at losing. Make sense? Now, if I take a lower team, even if I progress significantly, even in 4 or 5 years I don't win championships because I don't want to or I don't quite get the bounces or breaks. It's been TOO easy to build a dynasty in most NCAA football games. Now I put the honus on having that perfect season, having some luck, etc.
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