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OS Roundtable - Missing Features Edition

On this week’s Operation Sports Roundtable, Operation Sports staffer discuss amongst themselves in closed door fashion what the biggest feature left out of Madden was by answering the question, “What was the most important feature left out of Madden NFL 09?
Platform: Xbox 360 / PS2 / PS3 / Wii / PSP / NDS

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put head coaches on the sideline and the ref and chain gang , down marks back on the field.
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Accelerated Clock w/out a doubt. With the "85 new features & enhancements" being touted, it bewilders me that this was not included.
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Accelerated clock....I am in perfect agreement. It will be the reason I will not buy the game this year.
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Online Franchise is my choice. Yeah the accelerated clock would also be right there on top but if I had to choose 1 it would be online franchise.
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Re: OS Roundtable - Missing Features Edition

The accelerated clock allowed for ball control offenses to succeed realistically and gave teams a reason to wear down defenses.
I'm all for an accelerated clock (at least I think so), but statements like this continue to confuse me. That is, in what way can't you play ball control or wear defenses down without an accelerated clock?
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Re: OS Roundtable - Missing Features Edition

Originally Posted by Undefeated
I'm all for an accelerated clock (at least I think so), but statements like this continue to confuse me. That is, in what way can't you play ball control or wear defenses down without an accelerated clock?
Five minute quarters restrict the ability of an offense to succeed with long drives. Offenses can't keep the defense on the field for minutes on end. It doesn't allow for a realistic fatigue model.
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Here are 100 possibilities:

1. Delayed Blitz & the ability to assign them manually.

2. Chain gang.
3. Realistic momentum when running or jumping in the air (getting hit).
4. 3-4 man gang tackles. Like this: http://www.vimeo.com/clip:90875
5. Depth in it's online content.
6. First Person Football.
7. Custom TD celebrations.
8. An Actual chrowd. . . .
9. ESPN Halftime Show, Postgame, & Sportscenter With Chris Berman:
10. Offseason Shows with Trey Wingo & Mel Kiper Jr. With in Depth analysis of
Draft Class, Retirement Announcements, & Free agent Player movement & news.
11. Cheerleaders (complete with the bouncing bussoms)
12. Team Specific Playbooks (Example: The Steelers have the play where Randle El threw to Hines Ward in the SuperBowl, this game was made before the SB)
13. Sideline interviews & updates with Suzie Colber
14. Player gets poked in the eye & broken nose.
15. Intuitive DB Play.
16. A Better, More Reactive 'Juke' Stick:
17. A 300+ Page Manual (inside the game) on how to play FOOTBALL. . .
18. 25th Anniversary mode.
19. Recognizable Player faces.
20. Almost 1000 catch animations.
21. Change audibles at the line.
22. Double team Randy Moss in the menu.
23. Double team Randy Moss on the fly.
24. Assign indian & delayed blitzes with ease.
25. 5 Audibles for every formation along with 2 minute drill plays, all to choose from at anytime.
26. QB Evade. . .wait, I think they have that now, but it probably won't be responsive if they do.
27. Intricate & various run blocking schemes that are truly effective, IE with pulling guards,strong center power,etc. & is also explained by the play art.
28. Humorous, entertaining, & informative commentary. . .(Dan & Peter)
29. Stadium specific sounds that occur when you make big plays.
30. Bubba Franks Doing the Lambeau Leap.
31. Ability to create Hybrid defenses
32. Ability to have a certain player play on both sides of the ball.
33. Plays that are assigned 3-5-7 step drops.
34. Complex, realistic NFL like schemes for your offensive line.
35. Will They Have Challenges this year, or will they take it away again. . .(you never know with these guys)
36. Real time pass interference & face mask calls.
37. Authentic arenas & the areas surrounding them too. . .
38. Pre-Game warm up analysis with stat overlays
39. Ability to block kicks with having to glitch to do it. . .
40. True ESPN integration.
41. Realistic time in the pocket. (Not every play feeling like a 3rd Down)
42. Ability to make plays on defense with Hit, Deflection, Or INT. . .(with DB)
43. Overthrown Balls & Bad Passes
44. Passes over the middle getting tipped around a lot. . .
45. Special teams players who block logically & realistically.
46. Weekly Prep in franchise mode & it's risk/reward system....
47. Pour the Gatorade on your coach when you win The NFC. . . .
48. Replays & stat overlays that are timely & realistic. . . .
49. Laterals.
50. The ability (as a WR) to wave to your QB when your open, while playing co-op. . .
51. Hell. . . .Co-op. . .LOL.
52. Trick Plays
53. Fans with signs, foam hands, & the jersey of the guy who just scored.
54. Balanced running game with the tap x for speed, hold x for the 'charge'.
55. Custom Soundtracks & stadium music. (Arranged to your liking)
56. Carmen Electra
57. The Crib
58. Coaches Have attributes (which affect your weekly prep results)
59. GameCast feature, where you can watch every play of the game in replay anytime during & after the game.
60. An Online Ranking system that doesn't reward 'cheesers'
61. Fatigue.
62. Wind (depending on time of year, & region) that affects kicks.
63. Players having conversations on the sideline (during cutscenes).
64. 'Route Running' attribute (as opposed to 'awareness').
65. VIP System. . .(in which the CPU scouts, & tries to exploit your weaknesses when playing against you ) I assume this is where they got that "Madden Gamer Level' concept (scoffs)
66. Players who plant, not skate. . .
67. Mouthpiece connected to the helmet.
68. Slide routes.
69. Realistic Line play. . . .Where the strengths & weakness of the OL & DL aren't exploited easily.
70. Running plays, besides dives & sweeps. (Madden even the counters feel like dives & sweeps)
71. Passing formations besides the 'shotgun' that are effective.
72. Infact 55% of the formations and plays are unique to a single team.
73. 5-2, 3-2, & 3-3 Defense. . .
74. Stretcher buggy comes out on the field to cart off injured players.
75. On screen charts to analyze offensive production.
76. Referees.
77. Dive out of bounds towards the endzone, while reaching the ball over the pile on.
78. Ball carrier can push defender away with off arm. . .
80. Brief description of opponents offensive package (personnel) before each play. . .
81. Shovel Pass.
82. Recognition of milestones, when they occur.
83. Players talking shhhh. ("I'm going to sack you like a bag of chips, Pennington")
84. Revolution Helmets.
85. 2 Commentators.
86. (In franchise mode) Look at the college players during season, so you can better assess your personnel needs.
87. Choose what you challenge. . .
88. Use the coach cam online. . .
89. Real Time Spin moves(instead of spinning 5-8 yards before the tackle)
90. Individual blitzing assignments for LBs
91. (when running the ball) Push off or run into your own (offensive) Lineman.
92. Players with helmets off (I haven't seen that in one screenshot, yet).
93. (superior) Onlne Leagues that you don't have to pay for.
94. In depth (in game) injury report. . .(Suzie Kolber talks to the coach)
95. More than 1 kind of spin move. . .
96. More degrees of pass velocity than 'bullet' & 'lob'.
97. An actual 'pocket'.
98. Choose you defensive line blitz scheme (before every play) & coverage separately.
99. Higher variety of 1 handed & sideline catches.

*were in the last Madden
*have been annonuced for Madden 09

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