OS Roundtable: Does the Lack of Next-Gen Info Worry You?

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Old 09-25-2013, 06:49 PM   #17
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Not worried at all. Its a business and each company is trying to sell units now. And i'm not sure why people expect Madden to show their cards now. It was released that this particular Madden was off last years sales pace. What incentive would EA have if they showed clips from next gen Madden 25 now? Gamers are still buying Madden. A tiny fraction of gamers are not going to buy next gen Madden 25 due to lack of info in Sept and Oct. But there are buyers that would not buy this gen madden if details/advertising for next gen Madden started today.
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Originally Posted by MrBlackThumbz
So the nba live trailer isn't coming out today??????
Not at all. I'm a big 2K head, but I was looking forward to see what Live had in store for Next Gen.

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Does anyone know when the new video of NBA Live 14 that was suppose to drop 2day is dropping?
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Old 09-25-2013, 07:32 PM   #20
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I keep seeing people say they are just getting current gen out of the way...they started promoting current gen games 6 to 7 months ago why is it hat they feel next gen only needs a few weeks, when there are people who have spent their money on next gen systems and would like to see something from the sports games. There are plenty of other games that have current gen versions releasing but yet Ive still seen plenty of game play footage and I have full knowledge of features without spoiling surprises. We should at least have screen shots of game play that haven't been edited or retouched no and some knowledge of features by now. I have not seen anything since E3 about next gen sports and it sucks because i pre-ordered a ps4 and as it gets closer to release i can see and feel the excitement others who may not play sports games get excited about all the info and videos that drop for non sports titles while many like myself who only play sports titles may be feeling some type of regret that maybe they bought into the new systems too soon the sports titles may be closer to the current gen then expected hints why they are holding back information so long. Perhaps its not the current gen sales they are trying to keep up maybe if people see the next gen versions are as far along as we thought then consumers may decide to stick with current gen?????
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No, because they are going to eventually give us all the info and show game-play before the games are released and that's what im basing may judgement on, we just have to wait.

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Than Live pic has legends in the rafters I assume legends will be in also
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I didnt read the comments, but i think developers are trying to sell current-gen games right now. Next-gen info will come in oct.after NBA 2K is released
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I'm not worry about 2K Sports. They have proven that they gain deliver a great game. All said and done, it will only be one basketball game on next Gen, unless someone else jump into the mix because I am 100% convinced that EA Sports can not make a good Basketball or Football game. They haven't done it in a whole decade, don't know what make some people think that all of a sudden because it's next Gen they can do it now.
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