Sports Daily: Richard Sherman, Social Media, and Race

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Sports Daily: Richard Sherman, Social Media, and Race

Sherman isn't a thug. That's the wrong word to use for his behavior. So is "passionate". Sherman was just acting classless and douchey.

I don't really buy that all sorts of behavior can be excused or even applauded because players are "emotional" or "passionate". There are plenty of players and champions that are competitive and love the game deeply who don't undermine the game by disrespecting their opponents publicly after a win.
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It's a business move that happens in sports all the time. He made himself a household name, that equals more dollars. People will pay both to cheer and boo him, all he needs in Jimmy Hart or Paul Bearer to help him on the sidelines with his persona.
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Re: Sports Daily: Richard Sherman, Social Media, and Race

I don't think we're allowed to talk about this.
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Like I said in my earlier post...This country was built on racism! The person who called me ignorant, lol that was totally unnecessary. Did Blacks have slaves?yes, in Africa a "Slave" was an indentured servant that had RIGHTS unlike American Slavery where Blacks were considered Non HUMAN; hell dogs had more rights than a slave!. In Africa the said Slaves aka Indentured servants would be released after a period of time to work off a debt usually the cost of losing a war/battle. It is VERY foolish to compare white colonial slavery with that of African Indentured servitude. Did Blacks sell Blacks during colonial slavery?Yes, there are always a few that betray their kind for money power and wealth. Sugar cane, Cotton, and Black people were BIG Business in the early days of this country. You dont have to take anything I say to heart BUT I challenge you to do the research and look up all that I typed here and previous post!! Make sure you read Black Historians and NON Bias White Historians that speak truth. Y
What bothers me is that white people want to point out the "happy" slave and how it was not as bad as "we" claim it to be. American Slavery Was the worst thing that happend in the history to Africans and it was the EVIL that changed the world COMPLETLEY. As did the Jewish Holacaust.
Read J.A. Rogers, Cheink Anta Diop, Michael Bradley-Iceman Inheritance (white Author), John Hope Franklin, and John Henrik Clarke are a few authors that I challenge ANY of YOU to read, especially the person who tried to blast me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Racism is as American as Apple Pie & Baseball!!
You better research before you start posting fake history.
As for Richard Sherman, should he had personalized his rant ? No, but the guy just mugged him in the face, he is young and at the top of the DB food chain at the moment. He was mad and excited at the same time. They are gonna play him as the villain and Peyton as the Hero ALL WEEK, and you sheep will fall right in line with this.
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Re: Sports Daily: Richard Sherman, Social Media, and Race

locked...race discussions are against the TOS.
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