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RIP Mo...

For anyone that knows him, he was a great person, funny guy and all around huge helping hand around here.

He was a moderator at OS, and always helped me arrange the NCAA tournament bracket challenges and contests we had on the site. I knew something was up when I didn't hear back from him this year before the tourney started.

Based off of information from people that were much more closer to him, he lost the battle with leukemia. We are trying to get the obituary and get something together for the family.

Please keep his friends and family in your thoughts and prayers.

RIP Mo (@cpatt20 on Twitter), you will be missed.

UPDATE: Obituary of Maurisio Martinez

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Re: RIP Mo...

A huge part of soccer and the reason I got into Football Manager. But much much more than that, he was someone who was always a blast to talk with. Mexico vs USA will never be the same for me. Gone way too soon.

RIP Mo. Love ya buddy.
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RIP Mo...

This is just the worst.

However, as one of the guys said in our Discord chat said, it is very fitting that his last Tweets were complaining about Ryan Pace and his last post in our discord chat was "lol Liverpool". Never ceased to make everyone laugh and didn't let on just how bad it was getting towards the end.

It will not be the same without him around.

RIP you Red Devil bastard.

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Re: RIP Mo...

God ****ing dammit, no.


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Re: RIP Mo...

This is so sad.

RIP Mo....

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Re: RIP Mo...

Very sad. I didn’t really know him and haven’t been on here much lately, but I definitely remember him being around and being a good dude the last 10-15 years.

I’m sure he knew how much everyone enjoyed his company on OS. My thoughts are with those of you that were close with him as well.


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Re: RIP Mo...

It's hard to come up with the words to say about this sadness I'm feeling. I never met Mo in person although I've spent almost the past 8 years or more interacting with him on almost a daily basis whether it was through this site, twitter, or different groups or party chats.

It feels like I lost a brother.

When Mo got the news of his diagnosis he was still in what seemed like good spirits, or he was putting on a good show. Mo loved to make people laugh with his sports takes or just general jokes, and I will miss that the most about him. Whether it was just me and him in a party chat talking about our weekends, baseball, wrestling, Liverpool vs. Man U, or whatever the topic of the day was he always listened and could make you feel better, or at least make you laugh about the situation.

The world lost a world class person yesterday and heaven got another one.

RIP Brother. We will miss you.
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Re: RIP Mo...

Mo was one of the best people I've ever "met" online. He was kind, fair, and often times exceedingly generous. I found a lot in common with him from sports to Back to the Future to Seinfeld to so many other things. I mean, we all interacted with him on a multiple-time-per-day basis. Dude would even entertain my girlfriend's random tweeting sometimes. Funny as hell too. Guy would just say the most heinous, hilarious things at the worst (or best?) times. For that you'll have to go to his Twitter. I was really happy for him then but I'm super happy that he was able to see a Cubs World Series win before he passed away.

He was also the commissioner of the "OSNQ" baseball and football leagues, both of which will absolutely be renamed in his honor, somehow some way. He was also often the organizer tournament pools and such. I knew something was wrong when I didn't see a 2018 pool set up.

I am devastated beyond words. This **** came out of ****ing nowhere as it always does, and in the blink of an eye the guy is gone? **** this.
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