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Posted on March 18, 2014 at 05:40 PM.
Ok so , ive been in online madden leagues since madden 10 . I have run the same one since Madden 12 . One that runs from one madden to the next, we dont take breaks and stay around 28-32 owners at all times . So i think ive got a resume of some experience here. I am sure anyone who has been in madden leagues for a while knows about the old famous XFN, and all the things it brought to help online leagues back then salary caps wasn't even in the game for online leagues, which is actually how it was able to allow leagues to draft from website. Now , since XFN quit doing what it was doing at end of madden 12, there has been another great website that is excellent for online leagues . DaddyLeagues has provided an excellent service for many online leagues since XFN quit. It is by far the best place to use for support of your online leagues. Not everyone has the luxury of being at home in front of their ps4 all day. This website allows you to do alot of things for your team , and your league from any computer, which are found in most workplaces now in days or on peoples smart phones. If you have never tried for your leagues , i HIGHLY suggest that you do. For our league personally , i feel it really helps keep owners active and interested in whats going on in the league . For us the use of a chat box and a shout box is very key , as we advance every 2 days max. Sometimes just one day. Below i will list the things ( i can remember) that you can currently do with the site. Although with Madden 15, who knows what may be able to be added in the future. As of time of this posting these are things you can do from your leagues website :

- Keeps up with all stats for league : included here is top 5 passing, rushing, sacks , ints, receptions, etc . as well as keeps up with where your team ranks in league as in rushing ypg, passing ypg, total ypg, for both your offense and defense. These stats also help you "scout " or "gameplan" against an opponent as you can see by his season stats who are his favorite targets on offense.As well as who to stay away from on defense.

- Chat box : this is very helpful to create a real community feeling in an online league IMO. Guys can chat with one another about madden, the league , life, gaming, hobbies, etc, and really get to know each other.This brings a tighter bond between guys in the league. Not only that, but it helps in setting up game times, as well as trade offers and discussions. Also gives a place for members to talk about ongoings in the league and issues that arise.

- The ability to spend your XP on players from site. No more having to load the game up and spend time doing it on the console alone. True u can spend xp on the EA website, however it doesnt tell you your players current attribute numbers. You have to look all that up .This site uses a very handy format to show u current attributes and even how much each upgrade is. Also it allows you to choose, "use all XP " on one attribute, so you dont have to click on the upgrade button 10 times if you want all the xp to go to one thing.

- Full customization of your site , the way you want it!

- Send trades and accept trades from the site.

- Search ALL Free agents , not just those that match your scheme like on EA's website. You can search all players for that matter on all teams and free agents.

- Compair players : Here you can compair up to 5 players at once, and see all attributes side by side, again not just ones that fit your scheme but ALL players . This is great for looking at match ups , checking out FA's against your current players, and compairing players for trades.

- Check your players current contracts , cap hits for moving them , etc.

- Transaction log of all transactions and timestamped.

- Shows league and team schedules

- Shows team owners psn name, site name, phone number ( if added), email ( if added ) which is great for an easy way to find out how to contact your opponent quickly. Something very key in fast moving leagues especially.

- Custom Forums , You can categorize and place the order of all of your forums . Forums are great for a number of things for leagues as im sure you all know about .

- Make cuts in your roster

- Write up blog stories that are posted on homepage as new articles, it allows all owners the ability to write up stories, which can really bring more excitement to the league as well as makes things just more interesting.

- The ability to embed your twitch or ustream channel on to your teams pages, for easy access to live streams of games.

- A full breakdown of each teams roster. Tells you exactly how many players are on each team, and even breaks that down to how many players at each position.

- A scoreboard with all game recaps ( stat wise) on site

- Shows defensive and offensive players of each week

- Power rankings

- League, conference , and divisional standings.

- A Bad owners list , which lists players psn name ( or xbox names) , their IP Address , and tells what league they were removed from , and why they were removed, or if they jsut dropped players on a team and quit , etc. Basically is a way for commish's who use the site to report bad owners so other leagues wont get hurt by those who claim to be SIM and aint , or tend to jsut be bad owners all around by quitting when losing, not communicating well for game times, or just dropping players and leaving. Its a very nice thing to have i feel as a commish.

These are most of the things you can do with your league on this site, and all of it can be done from the website on a comp or a smart phone. It is a great service for online leagues. Now ive told about what it does for Madden leagues , as i do not play in 2k nba leagues or The Show for baseball, but i believe it offers it for those as well. The owner of the site is easy to get in touch with if you have issues and is normally very quick to help fix any issues. Personally i prefer using this site over anything else for our online league , and i really believe it helps to keep owners more active . While i know the madden season is winding down for alot of people, its something to keep in mind for next madden if your done with this one, as well as for baseball and basketball leagues.We run from one madden to the next ,so we really enjoy having our site there for our league. It has been a great asset to our league .
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