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What I hope NBA 2k12 brings 
Posted on June 18, 2011 at 09:47 AM.
NBA 2k11 is a great game. With it's great graphics to fun my player mode and more. But it seemed like it missed somewhere...... Association mode.

I am not someone that will bash a game, just give it constructive criticism because we all want the game to be better.

The association mode is fun in 2k11, but it felt almost shallow in my opinion. Part of it was that I don't really like playing the mode with the current rosters, because I don't wanna give away any of my current players!!

But that mode is missing something. Remember in ESPN NBA 2k5 when the players would come up to you and talk to you about playing time, and many other things? 2k11 is missing something like that. I know that organizations are not biased towards some players in real life, but maybe there can be an option in the mode where the players personality really shines. Like for example the players personality type of laid back would be a good thing, and his fan popularity would be high. Then somebody who just doesn't fit because of thier personality or stats, then his fan popularity would be low. I don't know, its a rough idea but there needs to be more life somehow.

Another thing that would be fun is stadiums!!! This game really needs acreage a stadium. So in the association mode, you can relocate teams, and make new stadiums for the teams. That game would be the "manna from heaven" as David Kahn would say it!

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you guys understand what I am describing because I am not a writer!
# 1 Dazraz @ Jun 19
Association Modes, like career modes in most games, is always an area that can be tweaked & expanded. The pitfall this year for 2K is, in trying to follow up such a stand out game last year, making changes for changes sake. These changes then risk upsetting the balance of the game & introducing gameplay issues that negate any improvement that might have been made.
# 2 kg54mvp1 @ Jun 19
Yea I understand what you mean. If they should add something to big game with huge expectations they shops probably sprinkle a little in at a time
# 3 AJP @ Jun 19
I hope they add more of the older teams with the full rosters, that would be great. Maybe even a tournament setup to determine the greatest team of all-time. '87 Lakers, '86 Celtics, The 60s Celtics, '72 Lakers, etc...That would be great!
# 4 jb81 @ Jun 19
I think they should tweak player roles so players take into acount that when thier role is changed for the better of the team they shouldn't automatically just bitch out especially when they take a seat to someone with a better ovr
# 5 aksumite @ Jun 20
Mr. kg54mvp1's,

How can you post a blog titled "What I hope NBA 2k12 brings", and not list ONLINE ASSOCIATION just like NCAA has done with Online Dynasty and Madden Online Franchise?

I really don't understand why we are all not rioting in the streets for this feature. The Association mode needs to be ONLINE. The Online Dynasty in NCAA has revolutionized the way we play this mode. The competition, camaraderie, longevity, immersion is unreal.

That's why it feels "shallow" to you, sir.

It is lacking the human element.

And to feel "immersed" you need to be able to access it OUTSIDE of ONLY on your console.
# 6 kg54mvp1 @ Jun 20
Well sir I titled it that because that is what I want, not you! I could care less about online franchise. I don't want to play my videogame on the computer either. That's a waste of time in my opinion! When I play videogames I play on my console only. And I don't care about my franchise 24/7 that I have to manage it somewhere else. Cmon man! I'm entitled to my own opinion and this blog is how I express it!
# 7 Saviour @ Jun 21
Aksumite is 100% correct. The fact that 2K has not implemented an online association at this point is just pure laziness. NCAA and Madden has online franchises and they make the game so much better. For some stranger reason, the original poster (kg54mvp1) is asking for a feature that is already in the game!?!? So what you want to have it expanded, there are more people who want it online. 2k celebrates active 2K11 seasons on thier website, but they do not add online association. That would be the greatest addition they can make to the game...period.
# 8 DoubleJMix965 @ Jun 21
I feel like the My Player was lacking in things as well. I think it would be cool to take the sort of things you mentioned in association and put them over there a bit more, like asking for more playing time and better options to follow, or even consequences. Like in The Show, asking for more playing time when you're not ready to get out there could get less. I think contracts should be in My Player as well.

But to stay on topic with what you're talking about in Association, so that I don't detract from your point, I think you have some good ideas for it. Just a few tweaks here and there. DazRaz is right, it's going to be hard to decide which changes are needed and which changes are just simply the changes being made to make changes. It's almost a fine line it seems. Hopefully they can add a bit more personality depth, it surely wouldn't hurt and I think it would beef up the realism factor a bit more as well.
# 9 aksumite @ Jun 22
kg54mvp1 @ Jun 20 (2 Days Ago)
Well sir I titled it that because that is what I want, not you! I could care less about online franchise. I don't want to play my videogame on the computer either. That's a waste of time in my opinion! When I play videogames I play on my console only. And I don't care about my franchise 24/7 that I have to manage it somewhere else. Cmon man! I'm entitled to my own opinion and this blog is how I express it!

You are entitled to your own opinion. I appreciate your opinion and blog.

I hope I can convince you to reconsider your position. So let me ask you these reasonable questions. I would love to read your reply.

1. Have you seen/played/read about NCAA Online Dynasty?

2. Will you please elaborate on exactly why you wouldn't want internet access to your Association? I'm confused here because on one hand you make it sound as if your just a ****** Association guy that doesn't need 24/7 access cuz it's not that big of a deal to you, which would be fine. But on the other hand, you say you have been playing Association since at least 2K5 and you have an account on OS not just posting, but actually creating a blog to passionately discuss Association suggestions like building a stadium (please google TEAMBUILDER for NCAA Online Dynasty by the way)

I am a hardcore online guy and I don't even know how to create a blog.

So my simple question is if you're already online enough to create this blog, and you have a limited life 360 console like me that could red ring of death at any moment, and you obviously like Association enough to where you play it year in year out, why would you NOT want access to your Association via a customizable website just like the current NBA 2K online leagues offer.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pull up all your stats from all your games? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to save highlights YouTube style and email that game winning shot in gm 7 of the Finals when you win the championship or post it on facebook or even show it to ur budds while your sitting around drinking and/or talking smack? (all highlights from ALL seasons archived and available to write stories or even use in your next blog)

Wouldn't you like to shop around trades or even look at boxscore from that big game last night you played?

Wouldn't it be nice if you had just 1 friend become available (just 1 friend and you thought it might be fun to play with him and he's dependable same schedule as you) and he wanted to join your already in progress Association, wouldn't it be fun to be able to seamlessly allow him to come in and be the Lakers to your Celtics for example, without having to start over or create a new Association.....and he could resign anytime no problem for you to keep it moving right along.


NCAA Online Dynasty does all that stuff.

Or are you telling me that just out of principle, there is no way you EVER want to access your Association website, no matter how much history and features are on there (highlights included)? Just because

To me it's like saying I want a brand new computer but I don't want the internet.
# 10 kg54mvp1 @ Jun 23
Yea you have a great point, and your opinions just kindof froze me! I don't really know what to say, you kindof owned me! But I guess I am just saying I don't mind if they have the online dynasty, but I really don't want it to take away from them thinking about more things they could add to the normal association, not just more and more online improvements like accessibility etc. I am sorry if I had sounded like a d*** cause I don't mean to sound like it but I voice my opinion so little that I just decided to throw it all out.
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