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My grades on each NFL team's nike uniform 
Posted on April 4, 2012 at 07:50 PM.
The new Nike uniforms have been released and I want to give grades and thoughts for each team

49ERS: They look about the same, but with Nikes's tighter fitting treatment. Before Nike: A- After Nike: A-

Bears: Moved the sleeve numbers to the shoulders, but the numbers don't look right for some reason. Before Nike B+ After Nike: B

Bengals: This is one where Nike really helped them out. The collar really works with this, and the sleeves look great Before Nike: C+ After Nike: B

Bills: Couldn''t do much because of the five year rule, but they look nice nonetheless Before Nike: B+ After Nike: B+

Broncos: The collar adds an extra umph to the jersey, and going orange was gutsy but It looks nice. Before nike: B- After: B

Browns: Really just the same Before: B After: B

Bucs: The collar surprisingly makes it better in my opinion. Before: B- After: B

Cards: and already modern look that looks better with the nike fitting. Before C+ After: B

Chargers: Still undecided about what to think about the collar in this one but overall still one of the best in the league. Before A- After: A-

Chiefs: An OK jersey that does not look any better Before: C+ After: C+

Colts: A classic jersey, but looks the same Before: B+ After: B+

Cowgirls: A nice looking uniform that does not get any change, but will look better with nike. Before: B After: B+

Dolphins: The teal is not my thing, and it looks very outdated, still, with nike it looks better. Before: C- After: C

Eagles: Never have been a fan of their uniform, same as the reebok era. Before: C After: C

Falcons: They look the same, but still look great! Before: B+ After: B+

Giants: Won't be able to tell a difference because they already had super tight uniforms. But one of the best looks in the NFL. Before: A After: A

Jags: I will just say it looks....better. Before C+ After: B-

Jets: Haaaaaate the team, but the uniforms are improved with nike's fit. Before: B After: B+

Lions: They almost looked better with reebok Before: A- After: B+

Pack: Same old, same old. Before: B- After: B-

Camthers: get it?! I had my hopes up that they would really surprise, but no, it does not look great. Before: C+ After: C+

Pats: Seems to be much cleaner, overall an improvement. Before: B+ After: A-

Raiders: No changes for one of the worst uniforms in the league, still a teeny tiny improvement. Before: D+ After: C-

Rams: Really was hoping they were going back to their old yellow and navy look..oh well, they are decent. Before: C After: C+

Ravens: Improved look with the nice collar. Before: B After: B+

Skins: Liked the reebok ones better, the sleeve stripes are barely visible. Before: B After: B-

Saints: again looked better with reebok, the collar really messed up their traditional look. Before: A After: B+

Seahawks: dear god what is that mess of a uniform, I thought this was the NFL! I am afraid about what is going to be of Nike football uniforms in the next 10 years with this. start over please. Before: C After: D-

Steelers: Classic look that looks good. Before: B- After: B

Texans: Throughout the years their uniforms have grown on me, and they still look great even with the collar on steroids. Before: A- After: A

Titans: About the same, and a good look. Before: B After: B

Vikings: haters gonna hate, but I love this, even though going back to a throwback would of been a good idea, it's tons better than before. Before: B- After: B+

Well, I guess bashers will be here any minute now to bash my choices and grades, and I don't care, just don't try to change my opinion, because you won't!!
# 1 shadia147 @ Apr 4
Last year, I started my own customization of the Seattle Uni on Madden.
I used the new tops with silver pants and silver helmets. I liked that look.
The new Nike Uniform looks like something out of the movie TRON.
# 2 PackerBacker123 @ Apr 4
have some respect look at my username (it's a really big clue)
# 3 PackerBacker123 @ Apr 4

just reread nice work on the "Cowgirls"
# 4 jWILL253 @ Apr 5
Nike: "Disrespecting our new age look for Seattle? We do this errday, son. You want beef, yo???

Come at me bro..."
# 5 wallofhate @ Apr 5
Was reading threw it until I saw cowgirls then I stopped reading and chalked you up a ***** lol
# 6 darknmild @ Apr 6
People hate the Cowboys cause they hate what their team could never be. Big ups to the Steelers and 49ers the only teams worthy to be in the same conversation as the Cowboys.
# 7 kg54mvp1 @ Apr 6
Ehhh no. We hate the cowboys because Jerry jones is a pitiful little man, and tony romo is a little child that will never get a ring
# 8 wallofhate @ Apr 6
I guess as a pats fan you could speak now which is fine but realize llve us or hate us we're a storied franchise and 1 of the most coveted and richest franchises in america. Yankees,Raiders,Cowboys are teams known world round just to name a few on that short list of teams. Im a little shocked at your hate of the Cowboys being a Pats fan. I understand a nfc east foe or even the 49er fans. We will return to dominance and as Brady goes away we will see how much that front running jaw moves then. Gotta love football lol
# 9 wallofhate @ Apr 6
I swear I almost fell out my chair when you said Mallet. We will both bd in the playoffs for years to come. As far as Jerry goes ill take the good with the bad. He was once known for and hated as the man that fired "gods coach" Tom Landry and after that we won 3 superbowls and playoffs for most of the years. The Pats are a good team but that can change like the weather with one bad break here or there besides yall walloed in obscurity for years on top of years until as of late. New England was Nfl siberia for a long time . All in all we are tied with the second most nfl championships and thats not bad at all
# 10 PackerBacker123 @ Apr 6
Still no respect for the packers! No I'm not embarrassed being a 3 comment guy. When I think of cowboys (cowgirls) I think of a little child (Jerry Jones) trying and trying to renew a storied franchise, but failing and failing. GO PACK GO
# 11 wallofhate @ Apr 6
Whats up with your Packers rejecting the new jerseys???!!
# 12 PackerBacker123 @ Apr 7
I don't know I guess their stupid or something.
# 13 DIRRTY30 @ Apr 7
The Packers with a B-? You gave the Colts a B+, but the Packers a B-? The Colts are classic and the Packers' aren't? The Colts uniforms have to to be the most boring in all of sports. Blue on white. Ugh.
# 14 kg54mvp1 @ Apr 8
classic isn't always great! I know the packers have classics, but I don't like them as much as the colts. sorry bud
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