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my opionin on nba 2k progression as of launch without any patches 
Posted on November 9, 2011 at 02:53 PM.
My love for basketball was easily carried over to nab 2k when i first played it on the time progress so did the game and my awareness of the team over at VC as being genuine fans of the NBA and explained a lot of how the game play and details were so vitalizing to basketball fans such as myself.then came NBA 2k7 and my mind was blown as to how well compiled of a game that was in regards to innovative features ,controls and over all fun factor.
Fast forward to NBA 2k12 and how well do i think the compilation remained to this point?
Well the features have gotten better as well as the presentations, but it almost seems as if though everything else took a hit for the worst.the controls which was one of the biggest selling point of NBA 2k suddenly became a chore.passing is very frustrating and laggy,(keep in mind this is b4 any patches are installed just the game as it is from launch date).
defense is just not as effective as offense is and getting stops seems as random as made baskets that seem to be very well contested yet the results yields a very different outcome.
passing seems to need very precise direction when not using direct passing and every direct passing yields delays which results in a lot of turnovers and frustration soon follows behind it.
the defensive side of things is not very rewarding; outside defending a posting player ,and the defender easily finds himself out of position and ineffective dew to excessive space used by the defender as opposed to the very little used by the ball handler.the discrepancy is evident and makes for a hectic scramble to rely on help defender more often than not.
the game seems almost on rails when a team is up by a lot of points.suddenly the team winning has a hard time holding onto the ball and making shots(yes even wide open shots) in contrast to the team behind that seem to magically become better in all aspect of the game.this really never yields the results of the better player winning by a margin that reflects the input and work both players put in but one off with an assistance of the AI to keep the game competitive.i want to win by 60 if it is the case because i was that better than he was over winning by 1 to encourage him to play again rather than for him to get better because he lost by 60.
blocking/charging was never really effective in NBA 2k and nothing has changed with 2k12 still not rewarding and the better choice is always to go for the block attempt first over all else.
i think that 2k should not rate players by skills but by value or rankings only..why u ask?because it is unfair to have to tweak LBJ attributes to get him to be a 98 average making him a bit better at mid range jumper than he really is to get the average VS just saying he is ranked at the 98 percentile in regards to value and give him a justified 60 from mid range. tired of sagging off a average jump shooter to have him shoot 65% from 3 and 70% mid range.
give us total control over our game and let us dictate our own outcome...this may reduce the statistic of about 80% of the time Boston,Heats,Thunder being what seems like the only choice of teams to play with online
# 1 RUFFNREADY @ Nov 10
I like what your saying KLJ; but lets face it, all games that are released like NBA 2K right now, are broken right out of the box.
To me, they all feel broken! They all seem like an after thaught by the Dev-team, after they have established the meat and potatoes of the lastest version. Then they say "what do we need to fix, this year..?", "if we have the TIME!".
Then i think the team votes on it, and only fixes a couple of glaring issues from before, and then say thats enough.
I know companies like to come to sites and see what is being said about thier games; but do they really listen to the created communities out there (larger more noticeable ones)?
tweaking sliders are the Dev-teams choice in giving us control of the game (offline), but online needs a huge overhaul, and tons of community input before going online. Hopefully that would help ease some of the hatred we are building towards the massive money making gaming companies.
# 2 kolanji @ Nov 10
well said RUFFNREADY but what really grinds my gears is that fact that nba 2k12 feels like a regression from nba 2k11 launch day....i didn't even touch my opinion about issues online because that is as obvious as the sun.
i think NBA 2k12 feels like it is on rails and the AI assistance is way too often,i think that this is the case because they are directing attention to an imaginary consumers called CASUAL GAMERS/FANS.when u cannot be a casual FANATIC:1. a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits
2. Informal a person devoted to a particular hobby or pastime; fan a jazz fanatic
you cant be a

or casual GAMER:1 someone who spends any time that they are allowed gaming.
or either a fan or not or a gamer or not u cant be casual at it

i think 2k need to know who their target audience are which r simulation basketball fans or gamers and keep that in mind...honestly a newcomer can compete with me, a vet, since Dreamcast days for the first time in NBA 2k12 because the game pretty much renders too much AI assistance to players to compensate for casual gamers
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