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Monday Night Raw Ep. 1 
Posted on May 3, 2016 at 12:28 AM.
Date, March,30,2016
Location, Los Angeles, California

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Commentators, Hello everyone we are less than 24 hours removed from what is widely considered as a WrestleMania for the ages! Tonight, here live on Monday Night Raw, we witness the fallout here in beautiful Los Angeles, California! We are live and sold out, live on Monday Night Raw!

The show starts off with Dolph Ziggler coming out to a nice pop from the Los Angeles crowd. He looks ready for his match.

Match 1
Dolph Ziggler defeated Randy Orton with a pin fall victory!

Is Dolph Ziggler back? It looks as if he is. Throughout this match Ziggler came back multiple times. Ziggler somehow powered through the match after kicking out of the RKO, not once, but twice! A very crazy match indeed. To put Orton away however, Ziggler hit Orton with a surprise Zig Zag that put Orton away for the 1.. 2.. 3...

Segment 1
A highlight video of WrestleMania plays as the Los Angeles crowd cheers. The video shows the greatest moments of WrestleMania's past, and the greatest moments from last nght's show.

Match 2
Tag Team champions Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defeated New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in a tag team match!

A fast paced tag team match. The former tag team champions, The New Day, lost to the current champions, Cesaro and Kidd, in a bad fashion. Both teams tried hard to pull out the victory, however, in the end Cesaro and Kidd hit a Dropkick/Swing combination to score the winning fall.

The commentators, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Michael Cole, confirm that tonight's main event will be a non title champion against champion match. The match will include both United States champion John Cena, going up another champion who won his belt the previous night at WrestleMania. That man being the World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

Match 3 (Pre-Match)
Bray Wyatt ran out to viciously attack Dean Ambrose before Ambrose's match against former heavyweight champion Jack Swagger. Wyatt, alone in his efforts, delivered a very devastating Sister Abigail to Ambrose onto the hard outside floor.

Match 3
Jack Swagger defeated a battered Dean Ambrose in a quick and easy victory!

This match was a very easy victory for the All-American, American, Jack Swagger. As soon as Bray Wyatt threw Ambrose into the ring, Swagger delivered his famous "Gutwrench Powerbomb" for the win.

Segment 2
Rusev comes out with Lana, with a Russian flag in hand. Lana grabs a microphone and begins to talk about Rusev's loss to John Cena at WrestleMania. Lana declares that even though Rusev does have his United States championship rematch clause, he has now decided to discard. Lana states that Rusev does not want "That petty American belt". Lana states that Rusev will be moving on to bigger and better things.

Chris Jericho then comes out to verbally challenge Rusev, Lana on his behalf, accepts the challenge.

Match 4
Rusev, with Lana, defeated future Hall of Famer, Chris Jericho, in a matter of minutes!

This match was a squash match. A very surprising squash match. Rusev absolutely crushed the former world champion. Rusev delivered kick after kick, suplex after suplex, attack after attack. After what seemed like only a few minutes, Rusev locked Jericho in the Accolade, as Lana screamed, giving power to Rusev. Within seconds of being in the hold, Jericho passed out, losing the match.

Match 5
Adam Rose defeated Goldust!

A very average back and fourth match. Not really much to talk about here, other than the fact that Rose won the match with a Snapmare Driver after hitting an impacting Spinebuster.

Match 6 (Pre-Match)
Rusev came out, with Lana, to watch the following match!

Match 6
A returning Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan, with help from the Bulgarian Brute Rusev!

Sheamus quickly gained the upper hand here. As soon as the match started, Bryan was distracted by Rusev. Sheamus quickly darted to Bryan and hit Bryan with the Brogue Kick! 1... 2... Nope! The match pursued for a while, until Bryan was distracted again by Rusev, which Rusev was banned for. Sheamus then hit Bryan with yet another Brogue Kick for the victory.

After the match, Rusev comes into the ring, with a microphone, and declares himself that he will be challenging for Bryan's Intercontinental championship.

Match 7 (Pre-Match)
Roman Reigns, angry that Seth Rollins took his shot at the title away, ran through as Seth was coming down for his match. Reigns took Seth down then battered Seth with a brutal amount of punches that bloodied Seth's nose. Reigns then threw Seth into the ring to a stand by in the action, John Cena.

Match 7
United States champion John Cena defeated a damaged World Heavyweight Seth Rollins by way of pin fall in a short champion against champion match-up!

As soon as the bell rang, Cena hunched over to pin Seth. Cena knew that this was not a fair fight. 1... 2... Kickout! Cena stared at Seth and wondered why Seth would kick out of the pin. Cena then picked Seth up and delivered an Attitude Adjustment for the victory.

The show ends with Roman coming into the ring to attack Seth once more. Cena pushes Roman back, Roman and Cena stare off, and the show shows dark. Signalizing the show's end.
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