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Getting MyCareer Started In College Hoops 2K8 
Posted on September 21, 2020 at 02:19 PM.
Finished the roster for Charlotte University; wanted to do that before running the summer scouting for the Amateur Basketball League. I wanted recruiting influenced by the current roster as much as possible.

I am currently 12-minutes into the introductory Midnight Madness game, and I heard a significant sound detail. If you have been to a big game with 15,000 to 20,000 people, or if you have been in the pickup gym on a Saturday when "next-up" is a 20-30 minute wait, you have heard the audible hum anticipating a dunk. Often it might sound like "aaawww-HOO"; the "HOO" comes just as the dunk is completed. I heard something similar to that just now. Not to bash or rant, NBA 2K this console generation has been missing that kind of intelligent crowd.

Sidenote: For those who play College Hoops, I think I may have discovered a way to make recruiting more challenging. I think there are something like eight recruiting priorities of which a coach can have a maximum of two. For the sake of math, let us say there are 360 teams in-game. If each coach had only one of the eight priorities, then 45 teams would compete for a certain type of player. Add a second priority and the pool gets smaller.

I have found it is hard to have an "off" recruiting year using this setup because there will almost always be a four-star recruit that falls through the cracks because he does not fit any team's recruiting priority combination. For the human it is easy to scoop these players and line the bench, especially as an upper tier power team.

For years I have wanted to give all the coaches "Potential" and "Height" as first and second priorities. I reason that a coach's system may lean heavily toward say "Defense" and "Shooting", but if a player with NBA potential with low defense wanted to go to a certain school he would not be turned down. And, in the basketball world I grew up in tall players were generally given the benefit of doubt.

I tested this as I was having my player develop and recruited throughout high school. At the end of the simulation I checked different rosters: Duke had four players 6'11" or over; three of them could play with 75 overall or better, while one was in the sixties. When I checked Charlotte, they had a mediocre 6'11" player, then second tallest was 6'9". As I checked the rest of the country many small schools might have a 7-footer, but they were definite projects with overalls in the 49-59 range.

I am not crazy about excluding the other priorities, but it seems to offer challenge and maybe a touch more realism.

Oh well, back to Madness. My player was put with the first team; the AI's choice, but gratifying still.
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