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How does Nintendo sell out the Wii when there are no games for it? Stuck
Posted on November 10, 2008 at 07:37 PM.
Do you have a Wii?

When was the last time you played it?

Have to think back, eh? For me it was sometime in the middle of the summer. Mario Kart and Wii Fit are the last things I've played.

What's the next game to buy for the Wii? Animal Crossing perhaps, but beyond that I can't even name a game I'm anticipating in the next 6 months (both 1st and 3rd party).

How does Nintendo keep these flying off the shelves when they've proven they cannot release games like the other systems do?

Right now we're in gaming nirvana. Strike that, right now we're in PS3 and 360 gaming nirvana. Fallout 3, Fable 2, GOW2, Resistance 2, COD5, Mirror's Edge, I can go on and on. What's the connecting point? Not on Wii.

I want to give Nintendo my money but they don't give me a reason to, and given the N64 and Gamecube history, I see no evidence this will ever change.
# 1 Steve_OS @ Nov 10
I don't play the Wii much, but my daughter loves it. Wii Fit at the moment is one of her favorite things to do.
# 2 RaychelSnr @ Nov 10
Other than reviewing the (mostly) crappy sports games on the Wii, mine hasn't seen very much action. So I would have to concur that at the very least, the Wii's momentum has begun to really slow down quite a bit.
# 3 BernieWilliams @ Nov 10
Children love Wii.

Parents buy Wii.
# 4 TJdaSportsGuy @ Nov 11
Mine hasn't seen much action lately either. I keep meaning to play Mario Galaxy again. I loved that game.
# 5 aukevin @ Nov 11
I don't play the Wii too much anymore. I rented the new Harvest Moon the other day and played it for a few days, but that's about all the time my Wii has seen recently. I pick up Mario Kart and play it online with some friends from time to time, but May was probably the last time I went through an entire game on the Wii. I am looking to get Animal Crossing for Christmas, so that should make me turn on the Wii at least every other day for a month or two so that I can keep my little town going.

I've gotten much more use out of my Wii than I have my DS, that's for sure.
# 6 fishepa @ Nov 13
Sold mine awhile back, don't miss it at all. There are NO games for it, just like you said.
# 7 rudyjuly2 @ Nov 14
We have a Wii but it was mainly for my wife and the Wii Fit which she likes. My son got Mario Kart for his birthday and likes it but he likes playing the Lego Indy/Batman games more on my PS3. I personally could care less if the Wii fell off the planet. It just doesn't interest me.
# 8 aukevin @ Dec 19
It's nice to be using the Wii again with Animal Crossing isn't it mgo?
# 9 waspman3 @ Aug 29
I think everyone buys the wii just because there intrigued by some of the games for it but after having it 6 months you realize wow didn't really need it after all. With the exception of the bowling or running to video store to play the less than stellar games out for it not hard to see why more people aren't playing them. There's so many add on's whether it be more controllers,games,equipment,etc it's almost ridiculous thinking how expensive it can get. Mines already collecting dust and not sure when I'll use it again if anytime soon.
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