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  • Major League Baseball 2K5 (Xbox - 8.7/10)
    "This game is by no means perfect, but the exciting gameplay and the multitude of features clearly overshadow any minor imperfections, making this a must-have game this season. It may not be the only game in town with EAs frontrunner, but for a $20 price tag and some dynamic baseball action, whats the hesitation for?"
  • Rumble Roses (PS2 - 5.3/10)
    "Everyone else here was reviewing a "sexy game" so, I figured this one would be mine. (Don't want to be left out of the all the hits that come rolling in whenever someone mentions "game girl cleavage".) Unfortunately for Konami, this doesn't seem to have the legs that the Cheesecake Factory does. There's cheesecake here, there's just not anything else. I think if they revamped this to fix the graphics, and plug in a deeper fighting interface with gauges and such to facilitate playability from the masses, they could pimp this out to be a rival to the Dead or Alive series. Sadly, in its current state, not even two jiggly girls mud wrestling is enough to warrant a purchase."

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