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"The NBA will make a "major announcement" concerning the details of their future in the video game business, according to NBA Global Merchandising Group Senior Vice President Sal LaRocca and the NBA Electronic & Interactive Licensing Senior Director Greg Lassen. The teleconference is scheduled to take place tomorrow, March 22 at 12:00 noon eastern time."

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# 1 Sully @ 03/21/05 04:42 PM
Damn you EA!!!
# 2 cjonesfan921 @ 03/21/05 04:46 PM
I dont think its EA who will get the exclusive rights and I hope they don't. Lets not forget Take-Two has some money of their own.
# 3 Mintsa @ 03/21/05 04:57 PM
I'm surprised the contents of this story have not been revealed yet....we knew about the NFL and MLB deals weeks before there were made official.
# 4 Fetter21 @ 03/21/05 04:59 PM
Recall there was talk before about them splitting up the rights, a sim title to one company, an arcade style title to another. I hope they go this route, and let us see NBA 2k6 and NBA Street V4, since obviously we're gonna get stuck with less games next year, but that'd be the best combo.
# 5 garnettrules21 @ 03/21/05 05:17 PM
i hate the fact that this is happening but if anyone gets it im hoping take 2 gets this one. they actually made some good advancements with their game despite the usual bugs that everygame may have. im gettin nervous now.
# 6 Blzer @ 03/21/05 06:03 PM
I recall an article, quote, or something that said they wouldn't split or give the license to companies, and just let it fly as it is. So, could the announcement just be that there will be no exclusive licensing?
# 7 garnettrules21 @ 03/21/05 10:30 PM
looks like on ign they have an article saying they arent having exclusive license but just alternating street games (nba ballers 1 year, then nba street) the sims get to keep making them each year, they even said 989 sports is making a game this year so thats pretty good news. i dont really care about the street games anyways.

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