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Netjak has posted the following reviews:
  • Burnout (GC - 8.7/10)
    "Burnout is not flawless, but its few drawbacks (the short time limits, strict boundaries and lack of length) matter little in the end. Its wicked gameplay dominates the experience making Burnout a must play, even if you’re not a fan of the genre. One of the best racing games on the GC, and in my opinion, one of the best arcade-inspired racers period."
  • ESPN NBA 2K5 (Xbox - 8/10)
    "So while ESPN NBA 2K5 didn't make me forget the cold snow caked on all the outdoor basketball courts in my area, it didn't disappoint me as much as I originally thought either. My conclusion for the casual and hardcore basketball fans alike is that this game isn't going to revolutionize the sports gaming industry, but for many of you it will help get you through those last few weeks of cold weather. For me, I have MVP Baseball 2005 to remind me that summer is just around the corner."

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