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  • Jamdat Sports MLB 2005 Review (Mobile - 4 stars)
    "Jamdat Sports MLB 2005 doesn't deserve to be placed into the same category as the aged classic titles Baseball Stars or R.B.I. Baseball, but considering the platform it's on, Jamdat did a very good job translating American's pastime onto a cell phone."
  • Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball Preview (GC)
    "The fielding is said to also keep up with those parts of the gameplay, allowing you to make some prime diving or against-the-wall catches when they're needed most. If you wish, however, you can simply skip into the Speed Play mode and leave the fielding to the computer, something those in a hurry may want to take advantage of."
  • First Look: Burnout Revenge (PS2)
    "A new stress-relieving mode will come into play with the rush hour traffic in Revenge, as the game utilizes an all new mode titled...what else...Revenge! In this mode, players fight against a timer and have to rack up a certain number of destroyed vehicles in a rush hour setting."
  • L.A. Rush Preview (Xbox)
    "The best part to this game, aside from the wanton destruction, is its highly-detailed graphics. Rush's developers have done a marvelous job bringing California to life, and the environments are quite varied as you'll blaze through urban sprawls and then find yourself on a stretch of road that's adorned with palm trees, and what's really cool is the game streams it all, so that should really keep load times speedy or even nonexistent."

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