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NTSC-uk has posted the following reviews:
  • Enthusia Professional Racing (6/10)
    "Though the many tracks on offer (which amusingly take inspiration both from reality as well as other racing games), varying weather conditions and racing styles (including rallying, desert-crossing and touge racing) offer a lot of variety, the Enthusia Life format itself proves to be a little too simple and short, as reaching higher ranks does not involve as long a road as possibly it ought to."
  • Gran Turismo 4 (7/10)
    "Gran Turismo has grown to become something much more than a racing game, in its attempts to offer something (or everything) to everyone. But lost among the vast raft of offerings is a game that has grown, but barely improved, certainly not at the rate gamers really deserve. In so many cases it will be irrelevant, with those that have waited for its arrival so eagerly lapping it up, and being washed away with all its new twinkling extras. Still, those willing to admit it might find they are left with a slightly bitter aftertaste that they weren’t quite expecting."

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