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  • Moto GP 4 (6/10)
    "It seems that Moto GP 4 really does have something for everyone – assuming everyone has an interest in racing, of course. It goes with the territory but ‘real racing’ games as a whole tend to be a curate’s egg, and although Moto GP 4 is a solid example of the genre with an all-important twist, there’s nothing here to convert non-fans to the sport. Like innovation or personality for example. If you’re in the market though, you could do far worse – and hey, at least there’s no ‘bling’ on this ride."
  • Enthusia Professional Racing (4/10)
    "In closing, it should be noted that there are plenty of extra options and unlockable features that I’m sure should be mentioned, as well as some bad design flaws that should never have made the even a beta-stage (Being penalised for a car ramming you from behind, anyone?). In my mind, though, these things are irrelevant. The simple fact is Enthusia is simply a simulation of life, but has little life itself."
  • Street Racing Syndicate (3/10)
    "The youth of my day were all about Star Wars; imagine a glut of racing games created with this culture in mind. Forget the bling, you could have such inspiration as the Phantom Minis or Attack of the Cones. Or how about The Impreza strikes back?"

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