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Game Informer Online has posted an article entitled, Full On: Madden NFL 06.
"In a year that Electronic Arts could have just laid down and given gamers a weaker new version of Madden, they’ve really seemed to add some great features. Personally, I would have liked EA to have taken the time to work on the presentation aspect of the game instead of the NFL Superstar Mode, and given me more of a half-time/post game show with highlights, and more done with replays. I know there are people that are going to really get into NFL Superstar Mode, I just don’t have the patience for it, and would rather play Franchise mode. Quarterback Vision Control and Precision Placement are two of the most innovative features made to football this generation, and I couldn’t imagine playing a football game without it. The truck stick evens out the hit stick, and once EA maps jukes to the right stick as well, it’ll be a perfect use of the second analog stick for football games. Overall, EA Tiberon has done a commendable job, and given us current generation gamers a good idea on what next generation is going to play like."

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