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UGO has posted their preview of NBA Live 06.
"In an effort to bridge the gap, EA has designed this year's NBA Live with the superstar in mind. In effect, what they're doing is adding to the potential of these stars by giving them some of the moves that helped to make them what they are today. For example, everyone knows that Jason Kidd is a wiz when it comes to passing. Up until now, though, all we've seen him do in video games is the standard chest or bounce pass. In NBA Live 06, he'll have many more options, including no-look and around the back passes. Shaq, too, will have new moves that only he can pull off. Activating his star powers, he'll be able to thunder home more powerful slams or devastating blocks. Though these moves don't guarantee success (indeed, they often result in failure under close guard on the harder difficulty levels), they are a way to get a leg up on the competition."

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