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  • Madden NFL 06 Review (9/10) (Xbox)
    "The gameplay is just as tight as previous years of Madden gaming. The only thing is that it will take a lot of time to get used to the QB vision and precision passing, and you might fumble with the controls more than you are used to. While it is nice that this game is now more realistic, this sort of brings down the gameplay slightly making it not as fun, or just a lot harder than in the past."
  • Burnout Revenge Preview (PS2)
    "The classic and highly innovative slow-mo effects are back, as are the Aftertouch Takedown and the hugely popular Crash Breaker. Would any Burnout game be complete without them? Not since the development team invented them, which is why they’re also slated to appear in the PSP-exclusive racer Burnout Legends."
  • Burnout Revenge Preview (Xbox)
    "Revenge’s controls are extremely tight, and the only playable vehicle – a Lamborghini-inspired sports car – worked incredibly well in the many situations the game dishes out on the player. I could drive at top speeds without losing control of my vehicle. The only time there was need to be concerned was when I used the speed boost function. But crashing then isn’t all bad. All things likely your opponents would be nearby, and you know what that means: Crash Breaker!"

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