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Wow, it's been ages since I've posted one of these huh? Anyways, for those that don't know, "What's Up?" is just a little blurb I used to post here on the main page to let everyone know what's going on in my life and in my mind. As always, you can chime in with your own version of "What's Up?" in this very post. I look forward to hearing from you guys and gals.

OK, what's up. Actually a lot of things are going on in my life. I have recently changed jobs and I'm getting accustomed to the new duties I have. So far everyone I have met has been extremely nice and have had nothing but good things to say about the company. The key factor in my job hop was training, this company offers it and quite a few other nice things, it was basically a no lose situation for me. Hopefully within a year, I'll be working with the server/network team. That is my goal, I hope I can pass some exams and get there sooner than later.

As most of you know, I love the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Pistons and San Francisco Giants. Well, the Giants pretty much sucked this year w/ Bonds out of the lineup. It got a little interesting a few weeks ago when Bonds came back to the lineup, unfortunately the Padres were the better team, I can't wait for next year when Bonds is back and healthy. I know a lot of people don't like Bonds, but he is one of my favorite players. Sure, he doesn't talk to the media, sure he seems like an ***, but if there was 1 person I'd like to have to bring in the runs at clutch time, it's Bonds. Of course Pujols would be nice too.

The Cowboys have really surprised me this year. The defense if finally starting to gel. Unfortunately, it looks like Flo is out for the season and Crayton out for most of it. I think Price will step in nicely for Crayton, Bledsoe already has good chemistry with him, since they both played together in Buffalo. I'm expecting a good game in Seattle this Sunday, hopefully the Boys can squeeze another win out. If the game is anything like last years Monday nighter, it's going to be fun. Hopefully Julius Jones will be healthy enough to play.

As for the Pistons, I'm excited to see what Flip has in store for us. So far this preseason, they've looked solid and Darko is actually getting some minutes. Not sure how many he's going to get when the season starts, but I'm glad I have the NBA Season Pass to watch their games again this year. Wow, without DirecTV I'd be lost.

Enough about me, what's up with you? What games are you currently playing?

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 10/21/05 08:01 AM

Same ol stuff going on here. Been at my current job 6 years in January. Still in IT, and HATE IT! But that's another long story for another day.

As probably everyone knows, I'm in Cleveland, and all the Cleveland teams are my favorite teams, along with Ohio State and the local MAC schools (Bowling Green, Akron, Kent St, Miami, etc).

I think the Browns are on the right track, we're still only going to win 6 games tops, but I predicted only 4 wins to start the season, so it's already looking up.

The Indians, what a run, next year looks reallly promising. Now rumors around the local media that we are trying to get Manny Ramirez from Boston..whoa!? I have no clue what we'd even send them, but I'm sure Hafner would be involved, and I wouldn't be too happy about that. Boston can have CC Sabathia though!

Cavs...well, this could be it. On paper, we have, to me, the 3rd best team in the East only behind Detroit and Miami. But who knows. LeBron is already a top 5 player in the league, probably top 3. Adding Larry Hughes only helps matters. I think LeBron's scoring will go down, but wins will go up, that's all that matters. Danny Ferry did such a great job this offseason, that this entire city is just buzzing.

Ohio State is doing what I figured they would. No offense under Tressel, we never have had one under him, even in 2002. They'll win 8 games, but we're not going anywhere this season, and won't until a vertical passing game is discovered and a running game. We have 2 of the best WR's in divison 1, yet we never send passes their way. Oh well.

The high school I graduated from 10 years ago is having it's best football season in over 20 years, and is 8-0. Go Willoughby South!

I've been playing a lot of NBA2K6, Blitz The League, Heroes of the Pacific, Stubbs the Zombie, SOCOM 3, and Day of Reckoning 2 lately.

I had a PSP, but sold it to use towards my 360, just not enough software support for the PSP made it useless to me, and I prefer the DS. That's just me though.

I think that's about it, I really rambled!!

EDIT - I forgot a major thing when reading Sully's. My wife and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary yesterday. Been a great run. My wife is a teacher, but still can't find a full time job, been rough, we're basically living off my income. And because of that, still no kids, but next year, come hell or high water, kids are coming! Now, that,s all! LOL
# 2 mjb2124 @ 10/21/05 08:17 AM
I guess I'll toss my hat into the ring.....

It's been a crazy week. As many of you know, I'm a Network Engineer where I work. We've had more problems than I ever want to deal with this past week. Power outage on Tuesday that lasted most of the afternoon. Battery backup worked great, but when you start pushing 4+ hours, the batteries were close to dead. Luckily, power was restored and the mad dash to shutdown all the servers was averted. Only minor problem was that the air cooling system was off for so long that the datacenter was over 100 degrees. A lot servers were shutting themselves off because their internal temp was too high. So I had to shutdown non critical servers and hope the datacenter cooled faster so I could get the critical ones back online. Not a lot of fun.

I hoped Wednesday would be better and it was.......until I got home. I just finished dinner and was cleaning up when I got a call from work. Circuit tripped and I had to run back into work at 7:30pm (only got home at 6:15). It's a 60 mile roundtrip so it wasn't much fun running back out to the office. Flipped the circuit back on and it tripped immediately. I'm still not sure what happened, but I had to shutdown a bunch of servers on that circuit and put them onto another circuit. That seemed to work. So I finally was able to go home to relax at that point.

So that presented myself with a new job for next week. That would be re-arranging the entire power grid in the datacenter so that the load on all the circuits is a little bit more even. Most of it will be done in the day, more critical stuff at night.

I'm planning on having a relaxing weekend for the most part. Probably do some cleaning around the house, hang out with the girlfriend and of course, watch the Steelers game on Sunday.
# 3 Sully @ 10/21/05 08:28 AM
Hmm....where to begin?

I just suffered through two of the longest work weeks in my life. Long, boring days. I'd leave for work while the family was sleeping, and on most days, return when the kids were already in bed. It was rough, but things are back to normal.

The family is doing fine. My wife has my dream job, well, not the teaching part of it. She gets a Christmas and Spring break, all major holidays off, and the entire summer off. Spoiled. We just celebrated our oldest son's (Christopher Jr.) 2nd birthday on October 10th. He's a little hellion, and loves to antagonize his Mom and Dad. He does like to watch sports, especially hockey, so hopefully he'll make his parents proud one day. Our youngest son, Brandon, will be 1 on November 29th, so we're currently planning his birthday party. He just started crawling a couple months ago, and we're expecting him to walk any day now. That's when things really start to get interesting.

As mostly everyone knows, I'm a huge Philadelphia sports fan. The Eagles played possibly their worst game in recent memory 2 weeks ago against the Cowboys. I'm not too worried. I think they'll be fine. Right now, the Special Teams play has been horrific, and some slow starts by the defense are putting the offense in a bind.

The Phillies, ah, good riddance Ed Wade. We've only been screaming for his head for over 2 years now. Hopefully, the new GM (Hunsicker ), can find a way to unload Jim Thome. It'll be difficult, but I'm sure it can be done.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been tough to watch the past couple seasons. The play of Iguodala, Korver, and Dalambert last season rejuvenated my interest in the club. Mo Cheeks, on the outside, appears to be the perfect coach for this bunch. My hopes aren't too high this season, as I believe it's realistic to think they can contend for the Atlantic Division.

Now, the Philadelphia Flyers. Hockey is my favorite sport, with football a close second. Expectations haven't been this high on Broad and Pattison in years. The team looks great on paper, but it will take some time for them to gel. Peter the Great has looked good his first 5 games in a Flyers sweater. I can't wait to see this team playing in the spring.

On the video gaming front, I've been playing a lot of NHL2K6 and NBA2K6 lately. I just picked up Blitz: The League a couple days ago. It's a pretty good game, and I'm enjoying it very much. I highly recommend it as a alternative to Madden.

I think that's enough from me. What's up with you?
# 4 fishepa @ 10/21/05 09:29 AM
Hmmmm....let's see..I work in IT as well. I go to stupid meetings all day long, we have meetings to schedule meetings at my work. Then we have more meetings.

As far as gaming goes, I'm mostly playing Blitz right now with some PSP Virtua Tennis thrown in the mix.

I'm looking forward to this weekend watching all the football games especially the Auburn-LSU game, hopefully Auburn can pull out a win. My life in a nutshell.
# 5 Easton @ 10/21/05 11:33 AM
Hey all,

I've been around OS for a while, but haven't really posted too much, as my post count shows, but I thought I'd throw some stuff out here for ya.

I'm an account manager for a small software company in Fort Worth. About half the guys here are gamers, so we are able to mix in some fun at work. That makes it alot easier to enjoy work, when you can take a 5 minute break or so and talk games.

I'm mostly a PC gamer, but I still keep the console around for NCAA Football and Gran Turismo games. I told myself I'd never play one of those fairies and elves games online, then my boss introduced me to World of Warcraft, and I was hooked. I manage to only play a couple nights a week, though, so I'm able to tell myself I haven't slipped completely into geekdom, I just visit from time to time. I'm also playing Tiger Woods 06 and NCAA 06 on PS2, as well as starting up my 3rd season with the Rangers on MVP 2005 on PC.

As my avatar no doubt lets you know, I'm an Aggie. Class of 1998, so on Saturdays you can find me rooting for them, if they're at home, I'll more than likely be at Kyle Field. I'm probably one of the few Aggies that still roots for Texas when they're not playing us. Even though they may all be liberal hippy tea-sippers in Austin they're still from Texas, so I have a hard time rooting for teams from other states.

I grew up in West Texas, so I've been a Cowboys fan practically since birth, and now that I live in the Dallas area, can actually try to make it to games. Was lucky enough to have a friend who got tickets to the Dallas/Philly game a couple of weeks ago, and we even had seats in a suite. Free beer all game long.

I love baseball more than anything, and have been a Rangers fan as long as I can remember. There's nothing quite like a summer afternoon at the Ballpark, even though here its usually over 100 in the summer.

I used to be a huge hockey fan, but strangely, during the lockup, I found myself not really missing watching Stars games. I still consider myself a fan, but I've gone from hardcore fan to casual fan now.

Well, I think I've rambled on enough for now.
# 6 bjf1377 @ 10/21/05 12:05 PM
I've got some time to kill, so....

I'm in my first semester in college right now down at the University of South Carolina, but I'm transferring back home to Kent State University after this semester. My decision was based off a mixture of me not being comfortable down here and the fact I have some developing family issues I want to be closer to (it's not easy driving 10 hours straight). College is quite a bit harder than I thought it would be. I was going to major in math, but that's going to be switched to political science when I transfer. Calculus II is just owning me. I'm not really doing great in all of my classes, but I don't think I'm failing any of them. That'd seem normal if it wasn't for the fact I graduated 12th in my class of 335 and was magna cum laude. It's just hard because I've just been distracted by a lot of things (kinda ironic cause I'm down here and I hardly know anyone).

As for sports, I'm Cleveland born & bred, so I root for the Cleveland teams, Columbus Bluejackets, Pittsburgh Penguins, MAC teams, OSU, and South Carolina. I have high hopes for the Cavs this year, although I know I shouldn't because of what I now like to call "Cleveland's Law" (anything that could go wrong with our sports teams, will go wrong). It was rough watching the Indians do so good and get no fan support, but it's good to see they're slowly returning to glory again (btw Sully, that's what you get for stealing Thome from us...he was my favorite Indian until u bastards stole him ) . The Browns surprisingly don't look all that bad, which will keep us from getting Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart or D'Brickashaw Ferguson probably. Who knows, maybe not having to pick someone because they're too good to pass up may be a good thing.

Videogames wise, I've been sticking to my sports games more than I'd like to. The university has online gaming blocked, so I haven't been able to play Halo 2 online. So, I've been playing MVP 2005, NCAA 06, Madden 06, NBA 2k6, NHL 2k6, and Mortal Kombat: Deception off and on. I haven't really focused on one game. I'll play one for a week, then switch, and repeat. Unfortunately I didn't really have any time to play this week, but oh well. If I find the time to get out, I may try to buy the new Blitz, but who knows.

Well, that's all I got right now
# 7 WTF @ 10/21/05 12:33 PM
Hmmm... well, since it seems to be the going fad, I guess I'll chime in here with What's up.

For those of you who don't know me, yes, my name is Will Ferrell and no I'm not rich. After working in the Automotive Sales industry for 4.5 years, I decided to get out of it and head back to school. After the past year though, I'm starting to rethink my decision. School was so much easier a few years ago than it is now. I thinks it's mainly due to the fact that there is so much more going on in my life.

I am planning on getting married next June 25th, at Holden Beach in North Carolina. We are doing the whole beach wedding, because that's where I proposed, and that's our favorite place to go. We've already been together for 6 years, so it's pretty much common law marriage anyway. I'm ready to make it official though. I just hope that I won't be making a famous "Girl Problems... I need help" threads that the Everything Else forum is known for.

A lot of you may or may not remember, that I did have reconstructive knee surgery 4 years ago, which knocked me out of playing College b-ball, Division 1 might I add. Since then, I am finally getting back in to playing shape, and trying to improve myself to what I once was. That whole plan was shattered again close to 1.5 years ago, when I fell and messed up my back. I finally got through that whole ordeal, thanks to some prayers from my fellas around here, and am back on track to playing competitive basketball again. Just last week, I dunked on some fool who thought he could jump, lol.

As far as sports go, I'm really only a major follower of Cleveland Basketball. This year the Cavs are looking extremely solid, but I'm hesitant to say anything, because everyone knows how Cleveland sports go. But w/ the acquisition of Hughes and Marshall, I think this could be a huge year for the Wine & Gold. Lebron will be Lebron, and will break all sorts of records this year, and I plan on going to at least 1 game this year. I'm not sure which one, but I will be there.

As far as the videogame front, I'm not playing anything, because I don't have a system. I sold my PS2 to get an Xbox to play NBA 2K6 on... after a week and a half, I sold my Xbox, to put towards my Xbox 360 to play NBA 2K6 on... so right now, I'm systemless although there is no guarantee that I won't go back out and buy another one. I have my 360 prepaid completely, thanks in part to my fiance, which I love. She's paying $200 on it for my "big" Christmas gift so I definately appreciate that.

Anyway, that's pretty much "What's Up" with me right now...
# 8 rockchisler @ 10/21/05 01:34 PM
I am from Michigan moved to Ohio last year, left the job I had there at Johnson controls and Im back in Michigan at Gm in lake Orion as a Production Supervisor , Cant wait for the xbox 360, I got my pre-order first shipment all set, whoo hooo, Die hard Michigan, Piston, Red wings and Detroit Lions fan, great to be back in Michigan, and I think I will be going to the Heat Piston game this saturday since the palace is only 3 miles away from me. Gives me a reason to break out the authentic replica wwe championship belt in public.. Go 'Sheed go Pistons. Also I finally met another operation sports member. What up SIN..
# 9 Spear @ 10/21/05 02:32 PM
What's up you ask?

School has been keeping my time occupied with the addition of my football team. I'm a senior and playing Wide Out, I've had a few games since coming back from my cracked ribs; playoffs start soon so thats where my head will be.

Sports Wise...I've found myself becoming a soldified Giants fan more this year than years past. I've been a big fan of Eli Manning since his College days, I ran out and got his NY Giants jersey last year before he played much. I wore it through the bad times last year, and I'm proudly sporting it now. I love the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets program, they were off to a killer start but they have seemed to slow down unfortunately (I dont get to watch their games up here in Canada though ).

Video Games wise...I'm still playing NHL 2k6 and Madden 06 with a hint of NCAA left. I'm constantly debating if I should trade in my xbox in excitement for the 360, but I might hold off. The PSP is high on my list right now, but I'm still pondering whether I should buy it or not in fear of a price drop. I really hope somebody would just convince me to buy one, but the lack of games is slight fearful. As well I dont know what I can do with it, like hooking it up to my PC, the memory sticks etc. I'm a n00b in that department.

Not more is up with me...

Go Giants Go
# 10 Chrono @ 10/21/05 03:17 PM
What's up?! It's a Friday and I don't feel like working any more so here goes…

I've been mostly lurking around OS since way back when there was just one main forum. I've never really posted a whole lot… mainly because I mostly browse the message boards here at work, and I'm usually quite busy. Speaking of work, I am a systems analyst for a major pharmaceutical company. I just hit my 5 year anniversary at my company which I joined right out of college. My job has it's ups and downs, but it keeps me busy (a little too busy) and the pay is good so I can't complain.

I don't check out the site much outside of work, mostly because I'm very active. Throughout the year I play in an ice hockey league, soccer league, and 2 softball leagues. I'm also really into fitness & nutrition, so I hit the weights 3 or 4 times every week. Sometimes it gets to be a bit much, but I can't get enough sports… plus I'm in my prime! I have been married for just over 2 years and we don't have any kids yet, so I'm sure I'll be forced to slow down soon enough. For now, our little dog keeps me busy enough!

I'm an avid Yankees, Dolphins, and Flyers fan. I always get asked how I root for these three teams so here goes… I was born in south Florida and lived there until I was 7. Back then pro football was the only game in town, and I became a HUGE Dolphins fan just before the phins drafted Dan Marino (good timing!). My parents are both from New York, and are big time Yankees fans. With no local team I was easily brainwashed as a child, and even though the Yanks sucked through most of the 80's I have stuck with them through thick and thin. I'm far from an "obnoxious Yankees fan" however, and I can totally understand why everyone hates them! Lastly there is my favorite team, the Flyers!!! I moved to Pa back in the 80's due to my father's work, and at the time I had no idea what hockey even was. When my uncle took me to the Spectrum for my first Flyers game I was instantly HOOKED. I've been a diehard ever since, and my wife and I have had season tickets for the past 4 years.

Lastly, while I don't have a ton of time for gaming anymore I still play sports games almost exclusively. My wife is a teacher, so usually when she's grading papers that is my chance to get some "nerd" time in as she likes to call it. Lately I have mostly been playing NHL2K6 and NCAA 06. I also enjoy playing strategy games on my PC, so I'm thinking of picking up Age of Empires III on my way home from work.

That is what's up… I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to, so lets keep it up!
# 11 Nivek @ 10/21/05 03:28 PM
What's up OS?

- Work is a beeeeotch as I'm now working the 7am-3:30pm shift (Just been informed that I might have to start working the 11am - 8pm shift )

- Canada is cold

- Bills are back on track, Brownies are still the browns.

- Started a new dynasty in NCAA Football with Penn State (5-1)

- NHL 2k6 is the best hockey game ever

- Maple Leafs have the best chemstry in the NHL (that isn't playing in Nashville)

- Raptors will make the 8th playoff spot in the east.

- Need to pick up Blitz and NBA 2k6...and an HDTV
# 12 Beantown @ 10/21/05 04:28 PM
I had a whole thing typed out...but my computer bites so I'll give you the short version..

Thursday-Monday were spent with friends after the car accident thursday morning where two of my friends were killed. Saddest few days of my entire life...really sucked.

Tuesday-today were spent at school, seeing depressed people non-stop.

Gaming wise, it's been pretty much all Madden, although I retned X-men Legends 2 and Black Hawk Down today...damn blockbuster and their lack of Blitz.

The only other thing that's really happened is I have a rumor spreading about me at the moment...about me liking a girl cause I gave her a hug in school on weds...Gotta love high school.

Peace out.
# 13 NYJets @ 10/21/05 06:00 PM
Things have been good. Senior year is pretty easy. Though it looks like it's starting to get harder now. I work part time at a small grocery store, and it's a pretty good job.

I haven't been gaming as much as I used too, but I still play Madden and NBA 2K6 a lot, and NCAA as well. Not planning on getting a 360 this year, maybe early next year.

Real sports haven't been too good for my teams lately. Yankees had an early exit from the playoffs. And my favorite NFL team (Jets) and College team (Uconn) both have their top 2 QB's injured, a long with various other key players. Knicks should be interesting to watch this year. First time in awhile Knicks fans have hope. Uconn will be good. How good depends on if Marcus Williams plays this year, and if he does, how much time he misses.

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