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Hey OS'ers. Hope you enjoyed your New Years celebrations, etc.

How bout' dem Cowboys! After knowing full well, no matter what they did against the Rams last night, they'd be out of the playoffs, they laid a serious egg on the field. They looked absolutely horrible. What a terrible season to go through. I cannot stand the Skins, but I gotta give em' props for winning 5 straight to get into the mix. Seriously, I cannot STAND the Skins, I hope the Bucs embarrass them, but I don't see that happening. I think all of the wildcard games are going to come down to the final minutes, there are some great matchups! Also, I hope the NFL doesn't extend the amount of teams that make the playoffs, if they do, it'll be a shame.

Well, I didn't want to bring it up, but the Pistons were killed by the Cavs the other night. They couldn't hit a 3-ball to save their lives. Well, they couldn't hit many 2-balls either, lol. It's all good, they have quite a few home games coming up to pad the lead in the division.

I've been trying to get myself "organized", since it was my New Years resolution. Right after this post, I'm going to finish cleaning up my desk area and a few other things. I'm so glad I'm off from work today.

In other news...Got some news links of your own? Post it here!

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 01/02/06 10:35 AM
Last day of vacation... So sad!

Lots of college bowls on today. I'm just going to relax and watch TV all day. Then back to hell, err work. Why can't I always be off work? I'm seriously going through a major after holiday depression this year.

On good news, I won my fantasy football league for the 3rd time in 4 years. I'm going to buy a PS3 now, that it'll be free for me.
# 2 racerx @ 01/02/06 11:22 AM
Same here....Last Day of vacation!!!! The Holidays come and go so fast. All that planning and shopping during the month of Dec, then it is gone in a instant.

We are supposed to get some wicked weather here in CT tonight into tomorrow so I might be forced to work from home tomorrow.

I will be doing the same just hanging and watching bowl games all day until my wife has had enough, then we will switch to movie watching.

Enjoy our last day of vacation, hopefully it won't go by too fast...

# 3 The GIGGAS @ 01/02/06 11:36 AM
Last day of vacation. I get to see my Hokies take on Louisville, and I'm pretty worried.

Louisville O vs. VT D... I don't know if our D is good enough to take that punishment.

Anyhow, I started my Association, as the Wiz with a big loss to Memphis.
# 4 SPTO @ 01/02/06 01:59 PM
I can't believe Alabama ended up winning!

Anywho i'm gearing up for the ND game. LET'S GO IRISH!
# 5 Acid @ 01/02/06 02:52 PM
Last day of vacation....in 7 days!

I got some shoes yesterday for tennis, they are awesome. Now I need to get some new socks just for tennis (75% of my socks have slight holes in them) and I'll be good to go.

Can't wait for all the football games today, I just woke up, so I missed Iowa/Florida and Bama/TTU, but I really want to see OSU/ND. I want the Buckeyes to win.
# 6 SoMiss2000 @ 01/02/06 03:28 PM
What's up! Finally back in Big D after going to my in-laws on Christamas Eve. 9 days away from my PC, 360, and cable tv was torture. I was okay until wifey's laptop crapped out. For some reason XP wouldn't start up and guess where the disk was....at home! Oh well, we had to reformat the hard drive when we got home.

Anyways, actually, tomorrow is the last day of my vacation. So I still have today and tomorrow to sit around on my *** to watch a few of these bowl games.

What a way to end the season for my Boys. Oh well, they have no one to blame but themselves. Anytime you have to have help to make it to the postseason, it usually does not work out in your favor. We should only look back at the last two minutes against in Skins on Monday night. We win that game, we're in the playoffs. Hats off to the Skins, they deserved it more than we did.

I hope Parcells is back. I think he will come back. We'll see.
# 7 NYJets @ 01/02/06 04:12 PM
Last day of vacation here too.

My 360 is supposed to be here Wednesday. I'm hoping I'll get it tomorrow though, as right now it's only about an hour away and I ordered it Friday morning with 2 day shipping. We'll see though, I'm expecting it Wednesday.

Last night I ordered the VGA cable. I'm going to try it out using a computer monitor we have that isn't being used and my computer speakers, which I don't really need since I always use headphones at the computer.

Went to the mall today. Traded in the Xbox version of NBA 2K6 and bought the 360 version. Out of the 5 stores I went too, none of them had COD2, so I bought it online.

Jets won yesterday to secure the 4th pick in the draft. If they stay in that spot, I'd guess they'd take either D'Brickashaw Ferguson or Deangelo Williams. They might also trade up and try and add some picks.
# 8 Vince @ 01/02/06 04:21 PM
Ahh.. It's good to have 20 more vacation days left!!!
# 9 Acid @ 01/02/06 04:24 PM

Those are my shoes.
# 10 Husker_OS @ 01/02/06 05:04 PM
My last full week of vacation. And what a way to start it off! Bama gets their 10th win and Auburn doesn't, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
# 11 fishepa @ 01/02/06 05:14 PM
FEAR THE THUMB!!!!!!!!!!!
# 12 Husker_OS @ 01/02/06 05:19 PM
Originally Posted by fishepa
FEAR THE THUMB!!!!!!!!!!!

# 13 fishepa @ 01/02/06 05:20 PM
ALABAMA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 14 Husker_OS @ 01/02/06 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by fishepa
ALABAMA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That takes the cake.
# 15 fishepa @ 01/02/06 05:23 PM
Sorry, the beer is starting to talk. I'm sure you can understand.
# 16 dagger55 @ 01/02/06 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by fishepa
FEAR THE THUMB!!!!!!!!!!!
# 17 The GIGGAS @ 01/02/06 06:18 PM
Yay, the Hokies won a meaningless bowl game!

# 18 XboxRocks1991 @ 01/02/06 10:12 PM
I watched college football all day and i went to swim practice. Nothing special.
# 19 CharlieBrown @ 01/02/06 11:28 PM
Tomorrow's my last day of vacation and I'm tired... Yesterday was my third day of work and man is it demanding...

Just counting the days 'til school starts back up.

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