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HEXUS.gaming has posted their first look at Fight Night Round 3.
"Landing a punch feels, looks and sounds fantastic. Hit your opponent a few times and you can visibly see the anger and pain on his face. The damage is spookily accurate, keep dishing out those right hooks and watch his left eye swell and bleed. Hit him square in the jaw and you can hear the bones crunch. There's something quite satisfying about seeing your character inflict pain and damage, when I knocked out Roy Jones Jnr I found myself standing up and cheering at the replay. The replays are stunning. When you knock your opponent out it shows you the punch that caused the damage in slow motion, you'll see their face screw up, the glove hit the jaw with frightening force, you hear a thunderous boom as contact is made, the boxer spurts blood out of his mouth and then falls to the floor like a rag doll."

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