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Xbox 360 Advanced has posted their review of Full Auto, giving it a 8.3/10.
"Full Auto is the beginning of a beautiful series. Much like just about every first game in a franchise, it has its flaws. The framerate drops, the maps aren’t varied enough, and the Xbox Live interface is a little clunky, but the core gameplay of Full Auto is truly fun. Sega and Pseudo Interactive had a great idea here, but the final product just feels like it may have been rushed out the door. Had this cake been let alone to sit in the oven for another month, you could have a Game of the Year candidate here. However, as it stands, you have an overly very solid experience that is tons of fun, offers a lot of replay and tons of unlockable content, and will leave you with more “Did you see that?” moments than any other game on the console. Remember that the one touch instant replay is a quick tap down on the D-Pad, because you’re going to experience things that you just have to see twice to believe. Burnout, beware: Pseudo Interactive is knocking on your door."

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