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Let me first say that if you haven't ever checked out the "In other news" section of "What's Up?", I suggest you take the time today to view the very first link. It's a very touching story of an autistic basketball player. I saw a piece on ESPN about it yesterday, great stuff!

Anyways, yesterday was spent on my roof, yeah...my roof. Somehow with all the wind we've been having, the metal piece on top of the roof, over the shingles, no idea what this is called, was coming off. I nailed it down with a few roofing nails and cleaned the gutters while I was up there. Good god was it windy and cold. I guess I could have waited for a nice day, but then I probably would have given myself another excuse not to go up there.

Dan's All Star team has a practice today, it should be interesting to see who he's playing with. I have a good idea, but it should be fun.

Question of the Day: Has anyone ever stolen anything from you?

In other news...
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
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Enough about me, what's up with you?

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# 1 Gary Armida @ 02/27/06 09:03 AM
Hey Steve, that ESPN article is a great piece. Our NY local news actually had video footage of it. It was a touching moment. Kind gives some hope to the world and shows that sports can be pure. Nice job of posting it here.

Other than that, it is a typical Monday. Congratulations to Dan for the all-star team.
# 2 mgoblue @ 02/27/06 09:04 AM
my prior job started stealing my soul and sanity, does that count?
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 02/27/06 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by mgoblue
my prior job started stealing my soul and sanity, does that count?
Hmm, we must work in the same place.

I had an Atari 2600 cartridge stolen from me once.

RIP to Darren McGavin, I wrote about it on my blog, he'll be missed.
# 4 Graphik @ 02/27/06 09:14 AM

Why am I addicted to the online portion of Fight Night Round 3? I just cant stop playing the game. What starts off as me wanted to get a few fights in turns into a dozen fights before I know it. I just cant put the controller down. One thing about the game thats key is the stratergy that goes on between you and "that other person". I take pride in knowing that I can adjust to anyones stratergy while they can never figure mine out. I started off 1-9 and quickly got on a couple of 6-7 fight winning streaks. I'm now 29-24. Would of been 30-23 but in my last fight, for some odd reason, in the middle of the fight, my game reset and went to the title screen. It gave me a loss and a disconect. Straight BS!!!

Anyway, on to real life. You guys gotta watch Kingdom of Heaven. Its made by Ridley Scott, the director of Gladiator. If you liked that movie, you;ll enjoy this one as well. Plenty of blood and epic battles.

As for the QOTD, hell yes I've had someone steal from me. On a few occasions. Once, one of my so called friends took my Primeco (remember them) phone out my drawer. To bad I reported it stolen and he was never able to get it cut on. Second time I had another so called friend attempt to break into my basement apartment. I let him down there tons of times and he lived on the same block as me. I had just got a new tv and a dvd player and a PC and I guess he thought I was ballin or something. I break-in proofed my place so he could'nt get in without making a ton of noise. He must of gave up and when I came home from work, he made it his dutie to let me know that he was'nt the one to attempt to break in my crib before I even noticed it. I put 2 and 2 together and I know he did it.
# 5 Graphik @ 02/27/06 09:15 AM
BTW, I like that list of 101 free games. I got it in my PC Mag and I will defitnitely play some of them.
# 6 ehh @ 02/27/06 09:41 AM
First off - great win for UConn yesterday over Nova. The rebounding still frustrated me a little bit but I'll take the win. It's suprising that a team with 6'10" Josh Boone and 6'11" Hilton Armstrong that 6'6" Jeff Adrien is their best rebounder. Hopefully we can finish up the regular season this week with two W's and clinch the Big East regular season title.

I find out today about our apartment, I'm excited as hell. I'm a little nervous about my credit report though, I've always paid everything on time but I have $590 a month in college loans plus $475 in car payments/insurance every month. Hopefully we'll get it though.

QotD: Yeah, all the time in college. DVD's, videogames, an Xbox controller, beers & handles, shirts, shorts, socks, hoody's, a Killian's sign, etc. The list goes on and on. Sad thing is we kept our door locked alot.

All that turned me onto my klepto phase of my life. I just started stealing a ton of crap esp when I was bombed. Nothing big, but lots of smaller stuff. I definatley took a couple DVD's, tons of beer glasses and an Xbox controller as "payback", even though I didn't steal them from the person who stole from me. Oh well though, I was way too sick of getting **** stolen.
# 7 jpup @ 02/27/06 09:42 AM
I ordered MLB '06 this morning, I think most of us are looking forward to that. We are also getting close to Ghost Rhecon, which will remind us why we bought a 360 in the first place.

Another Monday, sure hope it's better than last week. Last night, Stacy Kiebler was robbed on Dancing with the Stars. I actually took the time to watch last night for the first time. She was the only reason I watched and btw, Kenny Mayne is about as good of a dancer as I am, and that's not good. Let's see if Stacy comes back to WWE now.

Has anyone ever stole something from me? Yeah, they have, but nothing to major. A guy I work with had a new truck stolen from him, now that's bad. I will never understand it.

Have a good day guys.
# 8 scuiuc @ 02/27/06 09:44 AM
Nice article on the autistic player. A good feelgood story for monday morning. Also good to watch the Illini beat Iowa. Still can't believe we lost to Michigan...

Just finished my first season of NBA 2K6 on the 360. Now to figure out some way to get Kevin Garnett over to the Bulls.......

QOTD: I had a "friend" steal my girlfriend from me once, does that count?
# 9 fishepa @ 02/27/06 09:47 AM
It was a fun weekend for me. Me and some friends drove down to Mobile for Mardi Gras and we had a pretty good time, drank way too many beers.

QOTD: Might as well make a list.

95' Car was broken into and stereo was stolen
97' Car was broken into and stereo was stolen
98' Apartment in college was broken into over Thanksgiving, TV, Nintendo 64, wireless phone, stereo was stolen
03' Apartment was broken into and xbox and all game and a ton of CD's was stolen

I think that's it.
# 10 forensicd @ 02/27/06 10:16 AM
Has anyone ever stolen anything from you? Yes, too many times to count. My stereo system and speakers have been stolen 3 times back in the day. When i was in college, I had no car, and someone stole my bike, so i was walking for a long time. After my bike got stolen, I then bought a gas powered scooter thingy just so i could get around to get grocieries etc, then that was stolen. When i was in Puerto Rico, I was hanging out on the beach, and some kids came and stole my bag, which had my wallet, passport, and all kinds of papers. Everytime time something got stolen it wasnt due to me not taking measures; bike lock cut, windows broken out etc. Sucks, but you just got to keep moving on.
# 11 nemesis04 @ 02/27/06 10:35 AM
What's up!

It has been a while since I posted here. I came back from Mexico a couple weeks ago and had a blast. I missed seeing Sammy Hagar by two days at Cabo Wabo ! The weather here has been brutal the past couple of days, not liking it at all. I have been busy since I have been back but I can't put a finger on what I have been busy with... life I guess?

Definately looking foward to "The Show" dropping this week, it's baseball time!

QOTD: I am very fortunate that I have not had anything major swiped from me! The only funny thing when I look back is when I was in college, we had a condom stealer on our floor! Not good in a quick situation, lol!

Take care!
# 12 aukevin @ 02/27/06 11:04 AM
Not much going on here today, just the start of another boring week. I'm on the fence on whether or not I'll pick up MLB: The Show this week or not. I kept telling myself I'll wait for impressions since I got so burned on it last year. But I have $30 of Best Buy reward credits, so I might head over there towards the end of the week. It does look like a nice game.

QOTD: The only thing I ever remember having stolen from me was in high school. I had someone break into my locker and steal my art folder. I have no idea why someone would steal that, it was no value to anyone but me. It sucked though because I had pages and pages of drawings and ideas in that folder.
# 13 sportdan30 @ 02/27/06 11:22 AM
Haven't read the story you linked on the autistic basketball trainer, but I did catch the piece on CBS evening news last week while at the gym. I was smiling and shedding a tear all at the same time. What an unbelieveable story!

Well, my Jayhawks were beaten to a pulp this weekend by Texas. It was frusturating, but the Longhorns are just a more talented team. They have the experience that KU lacks. Then again, everything Texas threw up went in. We still have an outside chance of sharing the Big 12 title. Second place isn't too bad for a team that starts 3 freshmen and 2 sophomores.

There's going to be an influx of games here pretty soon. The ones I'm eyeing are MLB The Show, College Hoops 2k6, GR:AW, and possibly Burnout Revenge. Can anyone loan me some dough?

QOTD: Freshman year of high school, my friend and I had our winter coats stolen out of our locker. Also, this thug who I befriended in science class traded me non working Nintendo games for mine. I never was able to get mine back. I was an idiot back then for trusting him, but also stupid enough to bring video games to school. What a tool I was!
# 14 CM Hooe @ 02/27/06 12:14 PM
QOTD: The video game Blitz: The League was taken from me last fall. Still don't know who did it, probably never will.

Anyhow, busy day on tap for me today; I've got a test in this one course, "The Science of Information". It's one of those deals where I'm not quite sure how to prepare for it. Hopefully I do okay.
# 15 SPTO @ 02/27/06 02:00 PM
QOTD: Nope I don't have anything for anyone to steal. (man that was a mouthful) Actually I do lend stuff out to some people but never get them back. So that's the extent of stealing from me.

My weekend was fairly decent. I got to see relatives and sunday I slept in. Today I have to add Giggas to my links on my blog and i'll be doing an entry after RAW.

Tomorrow I should be getting 50 dollars that my father owes me and I will be acquiring the 1985 MNF game between the Bears and Dolphins this month, along with MLB 2k6. Hopefully I will have enough money left over to buy a very special DVD on April 4th. Information will be forthcoming when the time comes.
# 16 NYJets @ 02/27/06 02:08 PM
Uconn got it done yesterday.

Back to school today. I overslept this morning and missed first period. Not much happened today.

QOTD: No never had anything of value stolen from me.
# 17 Acid @ 02/27/06 02:14 PM
I am stoked beyond belief today! Just as I walked out of Chemistry (my last class) it started to rain which makes me happy for two reasons: 1) Practice is cancelled and 2) I love the rain.

I think our game is cancelled tomorrow as well if the rain keeps up (it's supposed to rain up until tomorrow afternoon).

# 18 dieselboy @ 02/27/06 03:17 PM
QOTD: Eli's mom stole my heart.
# 19 fishepa @ 02/27/06 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by dieselboy
QOTD: Eli's mom stole my heart.
# 20 theaub @ 02/27/06 03:58 PM
I never thought I'd say this in high school...but soooo much homework. I have 4 tests and 5 assignments due in the next 3 days. I'm screwed...

Anyhow, I've only had 2 things stolen from me...a lock from my high school locker (but nothing was stolen), and a Blue Jays fitted cap (it was in grade 6...I died a little inside).

Also, I lent Gran Turismo 3 to my friend and never got it back, but that was somewhat my fault, because I didn't ask him for it back, and I haven't talked to him in about a year, and I would feel dumb talking to him just to get a game he borrowed 3 years ago back.

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