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As usual a lot of screenshots, for a Monday. My head is spinning, it's been a long day. Here is the news!

More Juiced Screenshots (PSP)

Computer and Video Games has posted more screenshots of Juiced.
"Last look - in September, no less - developer Juice Games was whapping the world with a whole new batch of Juiced: Eliminator screens and - by a strange coincidence - that's exactly what it's doing this time around as well."

eToychest News

eToychest has posted the following news:
  • Burnout Revenge 21 Day Contest Starts March 14
    "Every week will highlight one crash junction from the game. Every time gamers play the junction online that week, they’re automatically entered to win. For each hour, EA will randomly pick a winner who will receive a Burnout Revenge Xbox 360 headset from Plantronics and be entered into the grand prize drawing."
  • Win An OutRun2 Arcade Machine
    "ega has announced a new contest called OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Face Racer where one person will win an arcade machine, as well as copious amounts of internet-related embarrassment."

IGN Update (GBA, DS, Sports)

IGN has posted the following:

Joystiq News

Joystiq has posted the following news:

2006 FIFA World Cup Screenshots (PS2, Xbox, 360, GC, PC)

Pro-G has posted 4 screenshots of 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Worthplaying Update (360, PSP, Multi)

Worthplaying has posted the following:
  • Burnout Revenge 21 Days of Carnage Sweepstakes (360)
    "Starting at 12:01am on Tuesday March 14th, EA will host the "Burnout Revenge 21 Days of Carnage Sweepstakes," an online contest with one winner, every hour, every day for 21 days."
  • Win An OutRun 2 Arcade Machine (Multi)
    "Imagine you're the passenger in an OutRun Ferrari racing down the highway at 200mph. What would you look like if you put your head out the window?"
  • 2006 FIFA World Cup Developer Diary #1 (Multi)
    Worthplaying: "What were the challenges?"
    Dev. Diary: "When you put a lot of detail into things like the players, their kits, and the pitch they play on - that doesn't leave a lot of room for things like balloons, fireworks, confetti, streamer, and flags."
  • Race Driver 2006 Screenshots (PSP)
    "Become a motor racing master on the move as Codemasters announces Race Driver 2006 for the PS. The title, a massively expanded edition of the smash-hit European PSP system title TOCA Race Driver 2, will launch exclusively in North America in May."
  • Major League Baseball 2K6 Screenshots and Trailer (Multi)
    "Major League Baseball 2K6 includes innovative features such as a new movement system and realistic player collisions on the infield and outfield."

Next Level Gaming Screenshots (PS2, Xbox, 360, GC, PC, DS, PSP)

Next Level Gaming has posted a ton of screenshots for the following games:

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