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First Official Forza Motorsport 2 Screenshots Revealed (360)

Check out the new screenshots of Forza Motorsport 2 at the official site.
"It's the moment we at Turn 10 have been waiting for ever since the project began, but here at last, is your first look at Forza Motorsport 2, the Xbox 360's premier racing simulator. Although these screens represent a title that's still a work in progress, we're happy with the game engine foundations these snapshots reveal -- gorgeous, detailed car models, an all-new in-game hood view, and our continued pursuit for visual realism as the game moves into its final polishing stage of development."

Pre-Christmas Forza 2 Release 'Hangs in Balance'

GamesIndustry has the scoop.
"Despite Forza 2's release date changing to “winter” during Microsoft's recent Games Convention press conference, with a top executive refusing to guarantee a pre-Christmas debut for the Xbox 360 racer, GamesIndustry.biz has learned that the US giant is still briefing retail that it is aiming for December 8 in Europe."

NHL 2K7 Robust Features

GamingGroove has the scoop.
"NHL 2K7 brings all of the intensity and excitement of team rivalries, with the new Rivalry System. In the Rivalry System, the season calendar helps players track their rivals and when they play them. As the season progresses, rivals can change depending on how the teams play against each other and the outcome of the games. A rivalry can increase, for example, if two teams have a set of particularly aggressive games, or if they face each other in repeated playoff series. Additionally, teams not originally listed as rivals can become rivals based on these various events. This dynamic Rivalry System adds a new level of drama when experiencing Franchise mode in NHL 2K7."

Uno PGR3 Deck Available (360)

According to Major Nelson, there is a PGR3 Uno deck available on the Marketplace.
"Xbox Live members can now download the Project Gotham Racing 3 Theme Deck for 'Uno.' This content is 100 points and available in all Xbox Live regions."

Question of the Day

What's the next game you're looking forward to playing?

Since I already have NBA 2K7, I guess I'm looking forward to playing NBA Live 07. I'm curious to see what they've done with the game.

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# 1 orton1227 @ 09/06/06 07:04 AM
The new debugged version of NCAA 07 (PSP). Should get the "fixed" UMD any day now.
# 2 racerx @ 09/06/06 08:05 AM
College Hoops 2k7
# 3 dieselboy @ 09/06/06 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by racerx
College Hoops 2k7
# 4 MachoMyers @ 09/06/06 12:07 PM
NBA 2k7, I'm still debating if I'm gonna buy it right away or wait a bit.

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