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GT 4 HD: Borderline Free? (PS3)

PSX Extreme has the scoop.
"According to Japan's Impress Watch gaming site, Gran Turismo 4 HD won't just be cheap; it might not cost more than a Starbucks cup of mocha java."

Forza Motorsport 2 Screenshot (360)

Xboxyde has posted a screenshot of Forza Motorsport 2.
"Turn10 released this single image of Forza Motorsport 2, from the demo that they put together for X06 next week. It really looks better and better for each week passing!"

Motorstorm Gameplay Movie Clip (PS3)

Playsyde has posted a gameplay movie clip from Motorstorm.
"The new TGS Motorstorm build has arrived yesterday at TGS, and we have grabbed this video to see if the difference really makes it. Faster obviously, if still a bit slow, and definitely awesome looking, the game is now in much better shape. And as you'll see, the internal view gives excellent sensations!"

Gran Turismo HD Screenshots (PS3)

Gameinfowire has posted some screenshots of Gran Turismo HD.

Football Manager 2007 Demo Plan (PC)

Eurogamer has announced the demo plans for Football Manager 2007.
"Sports Interactive plans to release a demo of Football Manager 2007 next Sunday, 1st October, for PC, Mac and Intel Mac."

Xboxyde Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde has posted screenshots from the following games:

Question of the Day

Are you happy with next-gen?

I can't complain, too many games, too little time.

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Member Comments
# 1 MachoMyers @ 09/24/06 10:56 AM
I really am. I am even surprised by how many quality titles that are being released. The wait between AAA titles for the PS2 was unbelievably long and that really hasn't been the case for the 360.
# 2 Scott @ 09/24/06 11:30 AM
Yeah, im happy with it, I don't feel that it's being used to its full capacity, but that'll come with time.
# 3 Behindshadows @ 09/24/06 12:06 PM
QOTD- Yeah! And the games just keep on flowing in, man my collection is massive, just check my gamertag...
# 4 cheddabob7502 @ 09/24/06 02:50 PM
QOTD: Yeah Im happy with everything....waitin for Gears of War.

Off topic but does anyone know were you can stream live NFL games off the net. Im tryin to watch the Eagles Vs. Niners..

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