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GIANT’s Ultimate Sports Games Collection: 2006

GIANT Magazine has posted their Ultimate Sports Games Collection: 2006.
"It’s October, baseball is heading towards the World Series countdown, and that can mean only one thing: boatloads of sports videogames have arrived on our shores, ready to be consumed by players with piles of combustible income. We don’t have endless moolah, and neither do you, most likely…and if you do, then let us help you make more, by recommending that you don’t buy every NBA, NHL and other sports game in existence. Instead, let us help you make…The Ultimate Sports Game Library. As of October 2006, that is.

Here we go…"

Forza Motorsport 2 Q&A (360)

360Monster has posted a Q&A session with Dan Greenawalt, Game Director for Forza Motorsport 2.
360Monster: "Will there be a cockpit view for hardcore racing fans?"
Dan: "We are not featuring a cockpit view; we’ve got that HUD view. For the most part, and this is just all honesty, we’ve got 300 cars on the disc. Not only that, it’s 300 upgradeable cars. It’s one of the things that most people don’t think about but we allow you to do full weight reduction on your car, and when you do weight reduction on your car you strip out the interiors, you know, all the stuff so we wouldn’t be making 300 interiors, we’d be making more like 600 interiors. It’s always something we’re gonna look at – we’re developers, we’re always pushing the genre, we’re going to continue to push the genre forever, but in all honesty, when you get these really dynamic shadows and you can see the car travelling through. It really is more immersive."

NFL on NBC Video Clip (360)

Major Nelson has the scoop.
"Xbox Live members in the U.S. can now download the NFL on NBC Fantasy Football Trailer ' video (480p and720p) from the Xbox Live Marketplace. This free video has details on an NFL contest to travel and see Sunday NFL games."

Skate Screenshots (360)

360Monster has posted some screenshots of Skate.
"Two new screenshots courtesy of CPM Magazine. Which can be viewed in our Media Section of SKATE."

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Updates (DS, Wii)

Planet GameCube has posted the following Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam updates:

Micro Machines V4 Patch (PC)

Matthias, over at DLH.Net, has sent us word of a patch for Micro Machines V4.

Question of the Day

Are you ready for the NBA season to tip off? Which teams make the Finals this year?

I'd love to see Detroit make it, but without Big Ben in the lineup, it's going to be extremely hard to do. I think Miami will make it again and battle it out with the Suns.

Other Stuff...
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Member Comments
# 1 cbgatorade0202 @ 10/10/06 08:39 AM
QOTD: I keep up with the NBA but I dont watch it to much or put much time into it. I believe the Heat make it out of the East with the Cavs giving them the best run for it. The West I see The Spurs re uniting and making it back. Hopefully theres a bunch of mix up this year, Should be a good season.
# 2 MachoMyers @ 10/10/06 10:27 AM
West - Suns
East - Heat
# 3 ndeezlo @ 10/10/06 10:35 AM
Pistons vs Mavs
# 4 Scott @ 10/10/06 10:52 AM
Suns vs. Heat
# 5 aukevin @ 10/10/06 11:56 AM
The Tony Hawk game, in the news part of Steve's post, for the Wii sounds like another game I might have to get for the Wii
# 6 The GIGGAS @ 10/10/06 12:17 PM
GIANT picked FIFA over WE? That's straight up ridiculous! Same with 2k6 over the Show... SMH.
# 7 dieselboy @ 10/10/06 12:59 PM
QOTD: I'm going to throw a few surprises out there:

Chicago vs. Lakers
# 8 Beantown @ 10/10/06 02:02 PM
Boston Vs LA

I wish.

Probably Miami and Dallas.
# 9 Acid @ 10/10/06 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by Longhorn
Boston Vs LA Clippers

I wish.

Probably Miami and Dallas.
Fixed it, so people don't get confused.

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