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Madden NFL 07 Week 15 Simulation

ESPN Videogames has posted week 15 of their Madden NFL 07 simulation.
"One week after Jacksonville ran crazy on the Colts, Indy's defense was able to keep Cincinnati's offense in check for the most part and limit the Bengal running game to a manageable 112 yards as they got back on the winning track and stopped Cincy's winning streak. Peyton Manning rebounded from a poor game against the Jags to throw for 416 yards and a touchdown, and Adam Vinatieri kicked three field goals to lead the offensive effort for Indianapolis. Meanwhile, the Colts defense kept Carson Palmer in check, holding him to under 50 percent in the completion category."

Criterion Talks A Little Burnout PS3

PSX Extreme has posted some more Burnout news.
"Ward continues to talk about the new crashes, "The first crash you see on PlayStation 3 has got to go way beyond everything you've ever seen, beyond anything that we've ever done. Because every time we put our game out, people say, "It's the best crashes ever in a game." We've got to go beyond that now. We have to go beyond a game, and we have to go beyond a game car crash. That's what all of our work is focused on right now."

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# 1 Steve_OS @ 12/17/06 01:49 PM
Definitely the NES w/ 10 yard fight!
# 2 luv_mist @ 12/17/06 05:19 PM
NES with the Duck Hunt & Super Mario Bros. That was the beginning of my addiction.......
# 3 Behindshadows @ 12/17/06 07:43 PM
QOTD: My greatest christmas present, was my son born 3 days before Christmas...A gift from God, and thats priceless and til this day is irreplaceable...

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