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The Ball Is Loose!

Our own Clay Shaver (guess he's too cool to post his picture) has made a guest appearance over at 5WG, where he has posted an article entitled, The Ball Is Loose!.
"In football, a fumble is all about a missed opportunity. Regardless of down or distance, score or situation, a fumble is always a meaningful play. When you put the ball on the ground, even if your own team recovers it, you’ve lost the play - and that’s the best-case scenario. You can lose a down, lose momentum, lose the ball, lose a lead; you can even lose the game with a fumble. It’s an enormous part of the NFL and football in general.

But, I ask you this, with over 100 million people watching, did the biggest fumble during Super Bowl XLI happen on the field?

Last week, when the brass at 2K Games/Visual Concepts made the “official” announcement that they were throwing their helmet back into the football gaming ring this summer with the release of All-Pro Football 2K8, fans of the old 2K series everywhere rejoiced and prepared for the great Madden/2K war that would soon be rekindled. But, like a tree falling in an empty forest, the majority of the gaming public - who think of Madden as football gaming like others think of Q-Tip as a cotton swab - the news was meaningless, because they had long since forgotten that there was an alternative. Most of them probably never even knew there was a choice. Hardcore sports gamers knew the difference and would run over their grandmother to tell you about it on message boards far and wide. But, is that the audience that 2K needs to be marketing to?"

Virtua Tennis 3 Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde has posted some screenshots of Virtua Tennis 3.
"Sega announced a few minutes ago that Virtua Tennis 3 would support the 1080p resolution natively on the 360, just like the PS3 version. But we also get a great bonus with the online mode that our Sony exclusive friends won't have the chance to play. 1080p images also showing the online mode inside."

Virtua Tennis 3 Goes Online

Eurogamer has the article.
"You'll be able to play Virtua Tennis online 3 for the first time in franchise history on Xbox Live, SEGA has announced, when the game launches for the console in March.

Play in singles and doubles matches; in exhibition or tournament games; in ranked or friendly matches, or alternatively use new VT:TV to watch your friends and opponents slug it out."

Wii Boxing Glove?

See for yourself, over at GoldenShop.

Def Jam Icon: Videos and Characters (360)

Xboxyde has posted some video clips from Def Jam Icon, including some images of the characters within the game.
"Eletronic Arts released these 2 new videos of Def Jam: Icon showcasing the environments and the defense DJ Control system. And as a bonus, 22 fighters are unveiled: Big Boi, BunB, E-40, Fat Joe, Ghostface, Jim Jones, Kano, Kevin Liles, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Method Man, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Redman, Russell Simmons, Sean Paul, Sticky Fingaz, T.I., Tego Calder, The Game, Young Jeezy."

Other Stuff...

We have some of that white stuff on the roads this morning. Schools are closed, people are driving like maniacs and sliding into ditches. Do I stop? No, I'm sorry, but I have to laugh at them. Am I mean? haha.

Anyways, we went to Lowes last night to grab some new lighting for our bedrooms. You see, we are using lamps in the bedrooms, we don't have lights in the ceiling. My bro is coming over, hopefully this weekend, to help me install them. Anyways, we got home at around 9:00, no snow in sight. I check my email and do a little studying, just an hour later, I come upstairs and we have a few inches on the ground. Crazy.

The Pistons dropped the C's last night, shocker right? That's only 15 straight the C's have lost. Incredible. Webber is really improving this team and I honestly didn't think he would improve it that much. 8-2 since he's been in the starting lineup, not too shabby.

Enough about me, what's up with you?
  • QOTD: Now that the football season is over (minus the Pro Bowl), where does your sports focus shift to?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 02/07/07 08:35 AM
We are having a warming trend, it's 9 today! HEAT WAVE!!!

I can't wait for the weekend, a nice weekend to relax at home and get some much needed rest. My meeting yesterday drained me.

QOTD - Baseball and College Basketball. Can't wait for Spring Training and March Madness to begin.
# 2 Shaver @ 02/07/07 09:18 AM
Our own Clay Shaver (guess he's too cool to post his picture) has made a guest appearance over at 5WG, where he has posted an article entitled, The Ball Is Loose!.
Hey... isn't two middle-aged goofy looking guys enough for one site? Plus, I think Shawn is afraid that putting my picture up might kill their host's server from the traffic. They don't have the bandwidth to be a beefcake site.

What's Up?

A good friend of mine and his wife had their second child last night and simply by pure luck and timing, my wife was the L&D nurse that did the delivery. Kind of neat.

It's cold here again today. Warmer than it's been, but cold as hell.

I'm sore today. Tried to overcompensate for some over endulging on Super Bowl Sunday by stepping up my workout on Monday and I think I tweaked my shoulder a little bit. That's what I get, I guess.

QOTD: Golf is restarting, so I'll spend a little weekend time watching that. Having less NFL allows me to get more stuff done on the weekends, so it's not the worst thing. I'll probably start hitting some indoor driving ranges on Sundays so I'll be ready to roll when the snow is gone. We got a new indoor batting cage nearby too. Got to get in "Softball Guy" mode early.

Looking forward to Spring training, March Madness and the NBA/NHL playoffs as well.
# 3 GP Mercy @ 02/07/07 09:36 AM
What's up? Studying for a Chemistry test coming up. I am missing my NBA 2K7 since the patch. It is actually in the 60s here, so .

QOTD: Looking forward to the second half of the NBA season. Hoping that the Bobcats make it into the playoffs.
# 4 CaptainZombie @ 02/07/07 10:16 AM
QOTD: Baseball and Arena Football.
# 5 Acid @ 02/07/07 10:43 AM
QOTD: Soccer and College Basketball.
# 6 forensicd @ 02/07/07 10:50 AM
QOTD: College hoops, nba, racing, soccer, with some golf thrown in for good measure.
# 7 Sandman42 @ 02/07/07 12:21 PM
QOTD: College Basketball and Baseball. Can't wait for spring training to start. 8 days till pitchers and catchers!
# 8 Kruza @ 02/07/07 12:35 PM
My sports focus shifts to mainly to college and pro basketball, baseball and a lot of motorsports. I follow the WRC which is pretty much a year-round event. Then there are leagues like the MotoGP, World Superbike, AMA Superbike, AMA Supersport, Rolex Sports Car Series and American Le Mans Series I like to keep an eye on among a few others.

Oh, and I might also watch a tennis match here and there.

# 9 bullcats @ 02/07/07 03:26 PM
QOTD : Basketball, NBA and college

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