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5WG has posted an article entitled, Life/Balance/Madden.
"Gamers are still fighting an unfortunate stigma; despite being a large and ever-increasing part of the population, admitting that one’s a gamer is still akin to revealing that you’re a leper to most people over the age of 30. Gamers are still considered backward, socially awkward-types who have no sense of balance in their lives, instead frittering away their days with a controller in their hand, acting like mindless zombies.

The Washington City Paper introduces us to two reasons why.

The paper profiles Washington, D.C. residents R.J. Warren, 18, and Justin Chow, 21, and their obsession with Madden NFL 07. Referring to the Electronic Arts/ESPN show “Madden Nation”, in which the winner earns $100,000, the City Paper says that Warren’s “made slackerdom pay off”."

Def Jam: Icon Demo Impressions (360)

Kotaku has posted their Def Jam: Icon demo impressions.
"The game tells you to master the beat to win the fight. As you get into the music, you see the patterns. You know when a good time to toss your opponent towards the black SUV because you know fire is going to shoot out of it once the next beat hits. Then comes the mixing option. Hold down the left trigger and you can use the analog sticks like a turntable to speed up, slow down, fast forward or reverse the song, in turn effecting the world around you. It looks kind of silly watching your fighter spin his fingers atop an imaginary record, but the results can't be argued with."

Chat With the MotorStorm Dev Team, This Friday at 4PM PST

The Playstation Forums have the scoop.
"On Friday, February 9th at 4PM PST, we'll be holding a chat with the MotorStorm Dev Team! Come by and meet with the developers and producers, and ask them any questions you may have about the game. We'll have Simon Benson, Nigel Kershaw, Paul Rustchynsky and John McLaughlin on hand, so we hope to see you all there!"

MLB 2K7 For $29.99 (360)

Slickdeals has the scoop. Thanks to L_E_O from our Forums!
"Hey everyone. Here is MLB 2k7 for xbox 360 for 29.99. This is a preorder I have not seen it anywhere less than 59.82 anywhere else. This is smoking hot.

You can get this even less with $10 GC or $15 off $30 paypal."

Other Stuff...

Well, we didn't lose by 38, but we did lose by 30 last night. Actually, we hung with them after going down 11-0 to start the game, we cut it to 8 at the half. Then the floodgates opened and they fast breaked us for the win. It was 3 on 1's, 4 on 2's all second half as they outran our slow guys. I think that is how most teams will attack us. I was back on D all the time, but there were too many instances when I was the only one back there. If we stop the fast break, we can keep these games close, but I just don't see it happening with the slow guys we have.

I got home just in time for the second half tipoff of the Pistons/Lakers game. Man, Webber is making a huge difference to this team, they are on a roll. That behind the back pass to Tay last night was a thing of beauty!

Enough about me, what's up with you?
  • QOTD: Are you going to watch the NFL Pro Bowl tomorrow?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

cardsfan09, Linx (25), thedukejr (22)

Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 02/09/07 07:12 AM

It's now snowed 26 consecutive days in Cleveland...yay!

Played some Battlestations Midway online last night, that game is incredible online, and off.

QOTD - The Pro Bowl is on Saturday now?? I had no clue, wouldn't watch it either way though.
# 2 Pete1210 @ 02/09/07 08:46 AM
Tomorrow is my youngest son's birthday. He is turning 8. He wants to go to Friendlys for dinner. My daughter turns 11 next month so in between we have a big family party and celebrate both.

Thanks for posting the deal on MLB 2K7. I was going to wait on some reviews, but for $30 I went for it.

QOTD: Probably.
# 3 cbgatorade0202 @ 02/09/07 12:16 PM
Well the week is pretty much almost over and that is so great, I get off at 4 today then Im riding down to Florida to stay with my grandpa tonight..Me, My dad and bro.

Then tomorrow is the Big Day once again for us...This is the event that makes me say Geez Life is going by fast b/c this will be the 16th stragith year i've went to the Budweiser Shootout out at Daytona. Just hoping for Good weather, Good racing and Having a good time with Fazz..thats my dads buddy in Florida.

QOTD: Nope, Never have b/c it always seems to happen this same weekend.
# 4 MachoMyers @ 02/09/07 01:20 PM

Nope, I'll be snowboarding.
# 5 pennstlbu @ 02/09/07 02:27 PM
I start my first day of work today. I'm hoping only to work here for a couple months, and then off hopefully to Seattle to work for the Seahawks.

QOTD: I've never watched the Pro Bowl and I don't plan on watching it tomorrow. Too much partying to do on a Saturday night. I didn't even know it was on tomorrow. I assumed it was on Sunday.
# 6 The GIGGAS @ 02/09/07 02:50 PM
Oh God... that Chow dude that Shawn talked about in his article and was in that Washington paper... he is in the same department as I am.

He's a moron, though.
# 7 forensicd @ 02/09/07 02:59 PM
I have never watched the pro bowl, and most likely never will unless for some reason I am in Hawaii at the time. Football is not a sport that lends itself to an all star game.
# 8 racerx @ 02/09/07 04:08 PM
I stop watching the Pro Bowl years ago. I was into it as a kid but now its kind of worthless. There will be a lot of good College B-Ball on tomorrow night like UK-Florida.

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