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Kotaku has posted some impressions of the following games:
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds
    "You can focus on one skater type, following its storylines and missions to become the top of your class, or you dip into all the storylines, though to get the most out of each archetype you'll want to follow things through to the end. As you progress you'll earn class-based rewards. The Career Skater might get a signature board or an endorsement decorated outfit, while the Rigger will earn new parts or engineering-themed clothing. In addition, each of the game's three cities - Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC - has an unlockable area specific to each skater type, giving you incentive to play through the game as each."
  • Brunswick Pro Bowling
    "In addition to the basic gameplay, Brunswick Pro Bowling takes the game even deeper. Throughout the course of a lengthy career mode you unlock real bowling equipment, like specialized balls with their own physics and characteristics. The lanes across the ten environments included in the game change during the course of a match...with a press of a button you can see the oil pattern of the lane, allowing those really into the sport to get overly technical about how they line up their shots, which the more casual among us can rely on the good old 'swing your arms as hard as you can and pray' method."

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