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TVG has posted an Q&A with Producer John Doyle about Need for Speed ProStreet.
TVG: "Judging from what you were saying in the presentation today, ProStreet's gameplay seems to be more structured this time around. Is this because of the change in real world street-racing to closed circuits, or was it more a conscious decision by EA Black Box?"
John Doyle: "We look a lot at where we think the culture is going, and so what we try to project out is where street-racing could be in two or three years if it got super big? That's the sort of thing we're trying to show in ProStreet. In terms of whether the game is 'more structured', I'm not sure whether what you mean is a good thing or a bad thing, but certainly by putting in real world tracks and real world locations we wanted to go global this year. We wanted to place you in areas that are real, and that have relevance to you in the real world rather than use a city that we made up - because of that, we chose not to go down the route of not using an open-world."

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